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At least 50 sub-Saharan immigrants have drowned in the last 24 hours when the two boats with which they were heading to the Canary Islands were wrecked , one in the vicinity of Dakhla, in the Sahara , and the other in Nuadibú, Mauritania .

In the case of the first shipwreck, the bodies have been located by Moroccan fishing boats and by members of the Royal Navy, according to official sources, who added that another ten migrants were rescued alive .

The sources added that the Moroccan authorities continue to mobilize to rescue eventual survivors or find the bodies of migrants who were allegedly on board this boat that was shipwrecked about 20 kilometers southeast of Dakhla .

For her part, the human rights defender and spokesperson for the Spanish NGO Caminando Fronteras, Helena Maleno , stresses in her Twitter account that the number of drowned rises to 27 people, adding that there is an unknown number of the disappeared of this boat .

Last Monday, the Moroccan authorities found seven bodies and rescued 40 sub-Saharan emigrants in their attempt to reach the Canary Islands when the boat in which they were traveling in waters of the southern town of Tarfaya was wrecked .

In the second sinking, another 40 sub-Saharan immigrants have perished after capsizing the boat with which they intended to reach the Canary Islands, on the high seas, but not far from the coast of Nouadhibou (Mauritania), according to an Efe security source. It has been confirmed that only one survivor has been rescued.

This boat suffered a breakdown and drifted for several days without being located, explained the same source, adding that the occupants later decided to jump into the sea but all drowned, except for the only survivors who were found by chance by the Mauritanian authorities. on the coasts of Nouadhibou.

The survivor (from the Gambia), who is currently in a hospital center in the same city , assures that they left Morocco, on a date that he cannot remember. Nor has he been able to specify the number of days spent at sea.

The special envoy of the United Nations Refugee Agency ( UNHCR ) for the situation in the Central Mediterranean, Vincent Cochetel, underlines in his Twitter account that both his entity and the International Organization for Migration, together with the Mauritanian authorities and the other partners "are trying to intensify efforts to prevent such tragedies," and deplores that "traffickers continue to lie to their clients . "

In December 2019, 60 sub-Saharan migrants from the Gambia were drowned in their attempt to reach Spain after the wreck of a canoe traveling from the coasts of Nouadhibou, while another 180 were rescued by the Mauritanian authorities.

This is the third boat that sinks this week in the attempt to reach the Canary Islands. Last Monday, the Moroccan authorities found seven bodies and rescued 40 sub-Saharan migrants in waters of the southern town of Tarfaya.

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