"On the road to poverty alleviation, we cannot leave behind a poor family and a poor masses."

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has traveled to 14 concentrated and contiguous areas of poverty all over the country, held a series of symposiums on poverty alleviation, and communicated cordially with the poor in the form of letters to encourage them to continue striving for a better life.

  A sincere reply is full of the general secretary's deep feelings for the people and conveys his firm confidence in winning the battle against poverty.

  Xiadang Township is located deep in the mountains of Ningde, East Fujian. Xi Jinping has talked about the story of going to the Dangxiang on many occasions, "The going to the Dang is a place I will never forget in my life." "The scene of the'Three Enters and the Dangling' back then, I still remember the scene."... .

  The cadres and the masses of the party and townships adhere to the spirit of "drip water through rocks", build roads on cliffs, seek development in the mountains, and develop tourism and modern agriculture by operating tea gardens. In 2018, the last batch of poor households in the township were lifted out of poverty.

△Xiadang villagers are drying Shouning white tea in the tea production workshop.

  Today, the tea products from Xiadang Township are sold throughout the country. The green waters and green mountains also attracted many tourists, and the country tour here was also prosperous.

  The spirit of "dropping water through rocks" has completely changed this place, and will continue to inspire the people in the villages to take the road to rural revitalization.

  The Dulong compatriots living deep in the southwestern border of the motherland have always been the concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

  On the eve of New Year's Day in 2014, the cadres and the masses of Gongshan County wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting the good news that the Gaoligongshan Dulongjiang Highway Tunnel was about to be completed. The general secretary quickly replied to them, hoping that they would "speed up the pace of getting rid of poverty and become rich, and realize the beautiful dream of living a well-off life together with other fraternal nations across the country."

  The deep concern of the General Secretary inspired the Dulong cadres and the masses to work hard on the road to all-out poverty and building a well-off society.

△ Dulong women with tattoos are weaving a unique Dulong carpet.

  In 2018, the 6 administrative villages in Dulongjiang Township were lifted out of poverty as a whole, and the Dulong people achieved the whole tribe out of poverty. Great changes have taken place in infrastructure, characteristic industries, and social undertakings. The cadres and the masses of Gongshan County once again wrote to Xi Jinping to report on the results of poverty alleviation. Xi Jinping was very happy to learn about it and expressed his "heartfelt congratulations" to them and encouraged the villagers to continue to unite and strive for a happier and better life.

  To win the battle against poverty, we must especially build strong grassroots party branches.

  Xi Jinping has repeatedly asked the first secretary of the village and the working team in the village to "do hard work, persevere, and truly make the people live a good life as their goal."

  Daxi Village is located on the northeastern edge of the Taklimakan Desert, on the edge of Yuli County, Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In the past, there was "white all year round, so you only saw sowing but no grain". After Shawur Manlik became the secretary of the village party branch in 1980, he led the people of all ethnic groups to excavate alkali drainage canals, plant windbreak forests, develop collective economy, and jointly embark on the road to prosperity.

△The villagers of Daxi Village are listening to the members of the working team in the village preaching the good policies of the party.

  "You have to be swollen in your pocket, and you have to be mentally bright." In April 2014, Xi Jinping talked about the village motto of Daxi Village during his inspection in Xinjiang. The villagers wrote to the general secretary with excitement, reporting on the positive changes in the village over the years. In September of that year, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to Shawur Manglik and all the villagers, emphasizing the development of Xinjiang and stability, and the emphasis on the grassroots.

  Today, Daxi Village is a 3A-level scenic spot. With Daxi Exhibition Hall as the leader, Fengqing Street, Nang Industrial Street, Night Market, Fengqing Garden, Fragrant Pear Garden...connect the rural tourism pattern of Daxi Village.

  Xi Jinping attaches great importance to private enterprises and replied to the private entrepreneurs who have been commended in the "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages" campaign, affirming their active involvement in poverty alleviation, and encouraging the majority of private entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence in development and run their enterprises steadily.

  In Minning Town, Yongning County, Ningxia, batches of private entrepreneurs in Fujian devoted themselves to poverty alleviation work, and actively built factories in Ningxia to support local economic development and provide employment for local people. As of the end of 2019, 5700 Fujianese enterprises and merchants have settled in Ningxia.

△Farmers are picking mushrooms in the Demonstration Base of Mushroom Cultivation in Minning Town, Yongning County, Yinchuan City, Ningxia.

  Private enterprises rely on their own accumulated industrial resources to bring funds to poverty-stricken areas. They also introduce industries in accordance with local conditions, deploy management personnel, and train local employees to make the industry a leader in driving local poverty alleviation and prosperity. This not only solves the problem of local employment and income generation, but also facilitates the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries.

△In the Lilan wine grape planting base of Yuanlong Village, Minning Town, Yongning County, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, farmers pick grapes in the field.

  "Education is very important. To get rid of poverty and become rich in the old revolutionary areas and poor areas, education must be carried out at the root and not let the children lose on the starting line." Development of education is an important way to get rid of poverty.

  Zhaojin is the center of the revolutionary base area on the border of Shaanxi and Gansu. The former Beiliang Hongjun Primary School had only a few adobe houses without running water or heating. Students had to climb hills and walk more than a dozen miles of mountain roads to go to school. In winter, they had to bring their own small braziers for heating. Nowadays, earth-shaking changes have taken place here: the road is hardened, and with school buses, it is no longer difficult for children to go to school; schools have tap water, teachers and students drink clean drinking water; senior students have dormitories and can wash Go to a hot bath; the school also recruited a large number of young teachers, all of them are college students...

  The school building has become new, the teachers have become stronger, and what has not changed is the red gene passed down from generation to generation. The general secretary’s reply inspired the children here to inherit the red gene, repay the society, warm more people with light and heat, and pass on love.

△According to a student of Jinbeiliang Hongjun Primary School

  The pen and ink condense the true affection, and the Hongyan biography expresses the real feeling. The general secretary’s sincere words and ardent expectations inspired the people of the country to work together to win the battle against poverty and write a new chapter in a better life.

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