Chants of "revolution, revolution!" And "help us," Lebanese received French President Emmanuel Macron, who on foot inspected the ancient Gemayzeh Street in east Beirut, which was badly affected by the explosion of the port two days ago.

"Revolution, revolution!", A group of Lebanese who were in the Gemayzeh area upon the arrival of the French President with the accompanying delegation chanted, and he took off his jacket and kept his muzzle before he later removed it to speak to the people.

"My friend, I am here today to propose to them (the politicians) a new political pact, and I will return on September 1," he said with a confident tone.

No Lebanese official has yet taken to the street after the explosion, which destroyed large parts of the capital, and left 137 dead and more than five thousand wounded, while the Lebanese have been busy two days ago to clean the rubble and glass and try to repair what is possible from their homes, homes and shops.

The French President did not hesitate when a woman approaching her with a muzzle and gloves complained about her condition and the state of the country, that he would first hold her hands and listen carefully before embracing her tightly in an influential scene in a time of social separation with the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

On Twitter, an activist tweeted, “President Macron did not shake hands with Aoun (due to the Corona virus), but he hugged and shook hands with young men and women in Beirut. The message has arrived, people of dignity. ”

Macron looked stunned by the extent of the damage in the area. He paused more than once to listen to everyone who stopped him, while residents were following and waving at him from their porches as well.

Macron responded to the anger expressed by the small crowd that he met during his tour by talking about a "new political initiative" that he will propose to Lebanese officials and leaders, pointing to the need to start "reforms ... changing the system, stopping division and fighting corruption."

Some protested against his meeting with officials, and others chanted slogans against President Michel Aoun. "I have to sit down with them," the French president said. "I will tell them the truth, and I will ask them what they did."

He continued, "I understand your anger. "I am not here to cover up the system."

The French President was putting the muzzle and a phase that it would tend to talk to the residents at one time and to answer the journalists ’questions at another time.

Speaking to reporters, a young woman boycotted him in French, saying, "Don't give money to our corrupt government." We could not stand it any longer, ”he turned around and replied," Don't worry. "

On the street, as Macron walked through the pieces of glass scattered everywhere, and inspected buildings, some of them of a heritage nature, and cafes whose windows and windows were cracked, he heard calls from angry citizens for help. Some of them chanted, "Help us, you are our only hope."

Macron's tour was accompanied by security measures taken by the Lebanese army, who accompanied him and tried to keep people away from him. What was from an angry lady, but I shouted at them, “Where were you yesterday? Why didn't you help us? ”

On social media, many have praised Macron's visit and wandering among people, while others have criticized her.

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