President Trump said before the US presidential election in early November, Corona19 vaccine is likely to be developed. Until then, it seems to be somehow developed to make up for the thirteen, but there are many observations that it is not my wish because it is different from experts' expectation.

Correspondent Kim Yun-su reports from Washington.


President Trump replied that he felt positive about reporters' question about whether it is possible to develop a Corona 19 vaccine before the presidential election.

[Trump/US President: Vaccine? I am positive that the vaccine will be developed near that date (election day). It is certain that the vaccine will be released before the end of the year, and I think it will be near the presidential election.] It

is a little ahead of the usual remarks that will be developed later this year.

When asked if it would be helpful for the presidential election, he said that it would not be bad, but it was not for the presidential election.

[Trump/President of the United States: (in the presidential election) Not bad. However, we are not in a hurry to develop vaccines for the presidential election. We are in a hurry to save a lot of lives.]

However, US health officials still expect the vaccine to be available early next year.

[Pouch / Director of the National Allergy and Epidemic Research Institute: It is expected that tens of millions of vaccines will be released early next year. The vaccine development process is progressing at a good pace.]

President Trump has also begun to issue early TV debates.

In the early development of vaccines, he seems to have the intention of moving his relatively favorable TV debate into an opportunity to turn the tide over.

However, in the polls of both the House and Senate elections held together with the presidential election, the Republicans are inferior, and there is also a prospect that the Republicans may be wiped out in this election.