On July 14, the state prosecution asked the court to appoint real and suspended sentences for the defendants in the case - from 4 years suspended to 7.5 years in prison.

So, the prosecutor asked to recognize everyone guilty and to appoint Ruslana Kostylenkov 7.5 years in prison, Pyotr Karamzin - 6.5 years in prison, Vyacheslav Kryukov - 6 years in prison, Dmitry Poletaev and Maxim Roshchin - 6.5 years suspended, Anna Pavlikova - 4 probation, Maria Dubovik - 6 years probation.

Participants of the "New Greatness" are accused of organizing and participating in an extremist community.

According to the investigation, they intended to seize power in Russia by staging a coup d'etat.

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