NY Stock Market Dow Average Stock Price Rise for 5 Consecutive Days 5:50 on August 7

The New York stock market on the 6th saw the Dow average stock price rise for the fifth consecutive day, with IT-related stocks gathering buy orders in addition to expectations for additional economic measures.

The closing price of the Dow Average stock price on the 6th in New York stock market was 27,386.98 cents, which is 185.46 cents higher than the previous day, rising for the fifth consecutive day.

On this day, the number of applications for unemployment insurance announced before the start of the transaction was less than expected in the market, and in addition to the expectation for additional economic measures to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the purchase order preceded. did.

In addition, Apple, Microsoft, Walt Disney, and others have raised their prices and pulled the entire share price.

The stock index of Nasdaq, which has a lot of IT-related stocks, also reached the highest price, exceeding 11,000 points for the first time at the closing price.

Market officials said, "There is still a large gap between the ruling and opposition parties in the U.S. parliament negotiations over economic measures. In addition, there were movements to refrain from dealings to see the contents of the employment statistics released last month on the 7th." I am.