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  • Conviction: Two years in prison for spreading a photo of the victim of La Manada on Twitter

The Valladolid man who released the identity of the La Manada victim and posted a photograph while being raped at the 2016 San Fermín festivities will ultimately not go to prison. The court number 4 of Pamplona sentenced him in February to two years and one day in prison for spreading information and insults to the victim on Twitter. Now the First Section of the Hearing of Navarra condemns him for a crime of revealing secrets in competition with a crime against moral integrity and leaves the sentence in just two years, so that the convicted person will not enter prison.

The 30-year-old man living in Valladolid released the victim's identity, insulted her and accused her of lying about the rape that occurred in Pamplona in 2016. In December 2017, the condemned man posted a photograph on his Twitter profile. in which the woman was seen while she was raped with one of her assailants, José Ángel Prenda.

But in addition to the image, he added the comment: "The girl allegedly raped by #LaManada has asked that this image not be disseminated because we may think that she was just a drunk slut. But how could we think that, if she is seen as super forced .. . ".

The condemned man was on the lists of the far-right group National Democracy for the 2015 elections. His social media accounts continued to function until a few months ago.

According to the judgment, the publication must be judged as "degrading treatment" to the victim. It gave rise to 64 comments, 13 likes and was shared 16 times by other people and provoking the "revictimization" of the attacked young woman. After the publication of the photograph, the young woman was recognized by people who did not know her victim status and had to undergo psychological treatment, had to abandon her university studies "and even move for more than three months to live in the Foreign".

The Hearing of Navarre resolves in this way the appeal of the man who alleged that the photograph was of poor quality and did not allow the identification of the young woman. He rejects his argument to ask for acquittal because "although the complainant of the simple sight of the photograph cannot be recognized by practically the entire population for a simple evident fact, which we do not know, the publication did provoke friends , college classmates and some family members discovered that she was precisely the victim of the events denounced. " And also, the condemned accompanied the image of "sufficient data for identification, such as specifying the judicial procedure from which the image comes."

The court also rejects the argument that the publication did not intend to "humiliate" the victim and assures that "it cannot share" this idea, "since an entirely vexatious image was published for the complainant, with the expressions of golfa and drunk regarding which no hint of criticism is seen in it, but an intention to harm and show the intimacy of a moment that has deserved a criminal conviction. "

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