, Beijing, August 6th (by Longbow) The educational affairs department of the Taiwan authorities announced on the afternoon of the 5th that all overseas "students with a degree" will be allowed to return to Taiwan. In less than an hour, the policy changed sharply and mainland students were excluded.

  Many land students were hit again after they bought tickets quickly. Some people bluntly said that Taiwan’s policy was changed day by day, "I can’t say anything, when are we good to play?" The explanation given by the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Commission at night is hard to justify, and it’s hard to hide the people. The Progressive Party authorities "political intentions."

  The Mainland Affairs Commission stated that it has been more than two weeks since the opening of terrestrial fresh graduates to return to Taiwan, and the actual number of terrestrial students entering Taiwan is only more than 10. Therefore, we must continue to pay attention to the attitude of the Mainland and carefully study the timing of opening. As soon as the speech fell, the relevant remarks were "angered" by all walks of life in Taiwan.

  The "Return to Taiwan Promotion Group" composed of land students from Taiwan University, Shih Hsin University, etc., posted on social media platforms that the mainland's impediment was simply nonsense. Foreign students entering the country must go to the "Ministry of Education" on the reporting desk of their school, and they can enter the country after obtaining the official document of approval. Schools with more land-based students arranged for mainland students to return to Taiwan in late August. Schools with fewer land-based students also allowed more than 10 days for the application to be approved. The application failed. Obstruction?"

  Regarding the so-called “continuous application of a peace of mind study program” for students who have not returned to Taiwan, the group stated that this statement is fundamentally irresponsible and prevarication to students. Lu Sheng has repeatedly reported that science and engineering, art and other disciplines cannot be taught at a distance. Now, after he has announced that all overseas students will return to Taiwan, Lu Sheng has refused to let Lu Sheng be at ease?

  Another student group, the "Overseas Students Rights Group" pointed out that the problem of high epidemic prevention costs is currently a problem faced by overseas students. The group's investigation found that the cost of quarantine in Taiwan for 15 days was NT$30 to NT$45,000. Ninety percent of the respondents said that the fee was too expensive and affected their willingness to study in Taiwan.

  In response to doubts on the 6th, the Mainland Affairs Council claimed that this policy change was based on the consideration of priority to epidemic prevention. The current epidemic situation is heating up, and diversion measures must be taken, so we hold a conservative attitude towards terrestrial life. This remark is undoubtedly flattering reality. The effectiveness of the mainland’s epidemic prevention is obvious to all. On the contrary, Southeast Asia, Japan, and European and American countries have been deeply affected by the epidemic. The DPP authorities have opened up the above-mentioned countries and regions to return students to Taiwan, only discriminating against terrestrial students. Considering epidemic prevention?

  "This is simply hurting oneself" "Great, two sets of standards?" ... Many Taiwanese netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the authorities' policies on social media.

  National Taiwan University also issued a statement on the 6th expressing regret over this policy. The statement stated that the school attaches equal importance to cultivating every student in school and hopes that students who have not entered the country will be eligible to enter the country as soon as possible to complete their studies. The school will continue to work hard to assist students who have a burden.

  Several university presidents expressed helplessness to the media. Liao Qingrong, president of Taiwan University of Science and Technology, lamented how innocent these land students came to study but were involved in political issues.

  A "legislator" from the Chinese Kuomintang pointed out on the same day that what the MAC is doing now is to use people traveling between the two sides of the strait as a political bargaining chip.

  In fact, not only has Lu Sheng been repeatedly blocked from returning to Taiwan, but also "Xiao Ming" returning home and the reunion of married couples across the Taiwan Strait have also been repeatedly blocked by the Taiwan authorities. Numerous parents and non-governmental organizations have repeatedly complained to no avail. The DPP politicians often talk about human rights, but they do not take the people's specific and minor well-being at heart. They cannot overcome prejudice and prejudice and will only bring cross-strait relations into more conflicts and turbulence. (Finish)