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Blue House multi-home office staff are disposing of a house with only one house left, Kim Jo-won, Min Jeong-suk, said he would sell an apartment in Jamsil, Seoul. However, the controversy over whether or not there is no willingness to sell it by offering 200 million won more than the highest transaction price in the same apartment and same area.

This is a report from Jung Yun-sik.


Kim Jo-won is a residential complex in Jamsil, Seoul, in the name of Mrs. Min Jeong-soo, the Blue House.

This 123-square-meter house was sold for sale at the end of last month.

In 2001, the house was bought at 430 million won, but the desired selling price was found to be 2.2 billion won.

How much will the same apartment and the same-sized house sell for?

Four of them are for sale, and the price ranges from 18.90 billion won to 2 billion won.

Kim's side put out more than 200 million won more expensive than other houses.

How does it compare to the real price?

On June 22nd, another house with the same private area sold for the highest price in the past three years at 1.9 billion won.

Compared to this house, it is 200 million won more expensive.

As a result, it raised the market price of the market, and even questioned whether it was meaningless to sell in a hurry.

A senior official at the Blue House said, "I asked an authorized brokerage office to sell my house, but I would not have set the price."

It's a far cry from normal trading practices, and a senior official added that "sometimes men don't know how much to sell for a real estate transaction."

It's not Kim Jo-won's chief, but Kim's wife's job, but in the context of increased public interest, the explanation of'I didn't know' is less convincing.

Moreover, the expression'normally, men do not know' seems to be an old-fashioned explanation.

It was reported that Mr. Kim changed his selling request to another authorized brokerage office today (6th), but it was not confirmed how much the bid was made.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, Jo Jung-young, Shin Dong-hwan, video editing: Commissioner Yang)