The man is sentenced to a suspended sentence and a daily fine of SEK 3,000 for his refusal. The man himself has claimed that he did not actively seek out or save child pornography. However, the man admits that he surfed porn and that child pornography then appeared on the screen which he clicked away.

Not considered gross

But the district court does not accept the man's explanation. The district court believes that the many downloads over a long period of time as well as the actively created bookmarks show that it was not only a question of unwanted redirects when searching for other material. The district court considers that the man has actively searched for the material.

The man's crime is not considered serious. The reason for this is that the man's amount of child pornographic content that the man had is a smaller amount than what is the practice for the crime to be considered serious, according to the district court's judgment.

Left the party

Shortly after the police report came in, the man was asked to leave all his political assignments - which he also did.

- We agree that he will leave all assignments. He no longer represents SD, said Mattias Bäckström Johansson, chairman of the Sweden Democrats in Kalmar County, to SVT Nyheter Småland on 23 July 2019.