The Ministry of Health and Community Protection warned of a discrepancy in the internal leaflet of the drug "Revlimid (lenalidomide) 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg capsules", to treat multiple myeloma, which could expose the drug user to health complications.

In circulating its destination to health facilities and health care practitioners in the private health sector, she stressed the discovery of a contradiction in the Arabic section of the internal bulletin of the product, which is used to treat multiple marrow tumors, which may result in damage and health complications to the user.

The ministry said in its circular that the manufacturer of the drug acknowledged that there were typos in the Arabic section only for the updated internal bulletin of the product, which occurred in May 2019, bearing in mind that the English section of the leaflet is correct.

Errors in the medication's internal leaflet included the usual dose, writing 15 mg instead of 25 mg. The bulletin also saw that the medication cycle reversed from 21 days to write 12 days by mistake, which included other numbers.

The drug manufacturer confirmed that it will correct the internal publication of the product in future operations, bearing in mind that the product is registered with the Department of Medicine.

The Ministry recommended health care practitioners to note the points of difference in the leaflet while dispensing the drug, and inform their patients to follow the instructions for use as per the prescription.

The pharmacies also asked to alert patients about the error mentioned in the Arabic translation of the product's internal leaflet, to contact the treating doctor when necessary, and to contact the ministry in the event of side effects.

The drug manufacturer admitted that there were typos in the leaflet.

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