by Michela Coricelli 06 August 2020 The European squares at midday continue the session in the name of weakness. Milan exacerbates the drop (-0.72%), London is the worst (-1.27%), Madrid and Paris lose about half a point, while Frankfurt - against the recovery of Germany's industrial orders - limits losses to - 0.09%. In Piazza Affari Tenaris (-3.22%) and Pirelli (-2.54%) suffer from the main stocks, which after the half year accounts almost 6% lost, then recovering some ground. Down also Unicredit (-2.55%), which closed the half year with a loss of 2.28 billion euros. Gold continues to shine and remains close to the positions reached yesterday, at $ 2,049 an ounce. The euro strengthens again and trades at 1.1861 against the dollar.