Reporter Cui Shuang

  The integrated circuit industry and the software industry are the core of the information industry. On the 4th, the State Council issued the "Notice on Several Policies to Promote the High-quality Development of the Integrated Circuit and Software Industry in the New Era" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), formulating and promulgating fiscal, taxation, investment and financing, Eight aspects of policy measures, including research and development, import and export, talents, intellectual property rights, market applications, and international cooperation, strongly support the integrated circuit and software industries.

  The "Notice" proposes to focus on the key core technology research and development of high-end chips, integrated circuit equipment and process technology, integrated circuit key materials, integrated circuit design tools, basic software, industrial software, and application software, and continue to explore the key to building a socialist market economy. A new nationwide system for core technology research. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments have done a good job in the organization and implementation of relevant work, and actively used national key research and development plans and major national science and technology projects to provide support.

  The "Notice" provides "real money" financial and tax support to integrated circuit companies, and the more advanced the process technology of the company or project, the greater the support it enjoys, and it can be tax-free for up to ten years. Specifically: For the integrated circuit production enterprises or projects with an integrated circuit line width less than 28 nanometers (inclusive) encouraged by the state and an operating period of more than 15 years, the corporate income tax will be exempted from the first to the tenth year.

  It is worth noting that, in response to the phenomenon of overheated investment in the integrated circuit industry in some places, the "Notice" emphasizes the need to "orderly guide and standardize the development of the integrated circuit industry, make planning and layout, strengthen risk warnings, and avoid low-level redundant construction."

  The "Notice" pointed out that it will vigorously support qualified integrated circuit companies and software companies to list and raise funds at home and abroad, speed up the domestic listing review process, and capitalize R&D expenditures that meet the relevant conditions of the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises. Encourage and support qualified companies to list and raise funds on the Sci-tech Innovation Board and ChiNext, and smooth the exit channels for the original shareholders of related companies.

  The "Notice" clearly stated that it actively guides the development of service outsourcing of information technology R&D and application business, and "encourage government departments to purchase services to include e-government construction, data center construction, and data processing within the scope of government responsibilities, and it is suitable for market-oriented methods. The services provided shall be undertaken by qualified software and information technology service organizations."

  In terms of talent training, the "Notice" mentioned that the construction of integrated circuits and software majors in universities should be further strengthened, and the establishment of integrated circuit disciplines should be accelerated; qualified universities are encouraged to adopt the method of cooperation with integrated circuit companies to accelerate the promotion of exemplary micro Construction of Electronic College.

  In addition, the "Notice" encourages international companies to build R&D centers in China, facilitates domestic companies to jointly build R&D centers abroad, and better utilizes international innovation resources to improve the level of industrial development.