• Beirut, explosions at the port: over 100 dead and 4 thousand injured. "Toxic air, leave the city"


05 August 2020 He is not convinced that ammonium nitrate is solely responsible for the powerful explosions that devastated a former CIA agent with great experience in the Middle East. 

According to Robert Baer, ​​quoted by CNN, the videos of the explosions show that ammonium nitrate may have been present in the warehouse from which the explosion started, but the former CIA agent does not believe that he was solely responsible for the massive explosion that followed.

Baer believes there were military ammunition and explosive charges and that it was perhaps an armament depot.       

"It was clearly military explosive - he said - It wasn't fertilizer, like ammonium nitrate. I'm pretty sure of it." 

"Look at the orange (fire) ball and clearly - he said - it is military explosive". All the white that you see in the footage before the most powerful explosion, he added, is probably a sign of the presence and combustion of ammonium nitrate. "It seems - he added - an accident". "I have worked in Lebanon for years and - he concluded - nobody wants to admit that they had military explosives in the port".