A slight explosion exploded between the blink of an eye and its attention .. Before breathing and touching the location of the alarming sound, the flames of the catastrophe erupted, killing the port embracing the shores of the Mediterranean, and for centuries the artery of Beirut for life, beauty, money and the economy.

The port of civilization and economy before the disaster

The port was stranded and fancied, as if he did not sing yesterday and did not embrace in the past days the ships of the Greeks, Byzantines, Arab conquerors, cruise boats and the wars of the First and Second World Wars.

In the year 1894 the port was opened wide open to the movement of maritime navigation, but its birth was centuries before that, as it is the twin of Lebanon, the brother of Cedar, and the ancient son of the banks.

This port remained the whiff of Beirut, which breathes and derives from it, as it receives annually about 3100 ships, and it also has relations with more than 300 international ports, which made it an international terminal for import and then export through Lebanon to various countries of the world.

Satellite imagery showing the scale of destruction at Beirut Port as a result of yesterday's explosion pic.twitter.com/Ae9FlNoeaQ

- Ali Hashem Ali Hashem (@alihashem_tv) August 5, 2020

In addition to its administrative and service facilities, the port includes 16 berths and multiple warehouses, in addition to many wheat storage silos according to the most accurate international specifications.

Before the catastrophe, this port was Lebanon's outlet in its suffocating economic and financial crises, thus supplying Lebanon and large parts of the Arab world.

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- Wajd Waqfi, Waqf Waqfi (@WajdWaqfi) August 5, 2020

After the disaster ... Hiroshima the second is
an unspeakable scene, this repeated phrase in the Lebanese and Arab media summarizes what happened in Lebanon on the night of the explosion, but a lot goes to consider what happened Hiroshima again, because the highly explosive materials not only torpedoed the port, but also blew up the security and dreams of getting out of The economic crisis in Lebanon, which bloody and painfully agitated the waters of severe turmoil in the region.

Hi-res satellite imagery of #Beirut explosion. Before and after. (c) @CNES 2020, Distribution @AirbusSpace pic.twitter.com/wE1kJgjIqH

- Jonathan Amos (@BBCAmos) August 5, 2020

So far the dead have exceeded 130 people, and the death toll is still on the rise, after the flanks of Beirut shivered and the screaming and the pain fell apart to silence all the wounded ears of Lebanon.

Destruction in the vicinity of the port included homes and shelters around 300,000 residents, and expectations for material losses rose to about $ 5 billion.

Port of Beirut before and after the disaster .. pic.twitter.com/YxZhEmZkJN

- Ahmad_Alyehri 🇶🇦 (@Ahmad_Alyehri) August 5, 2020

As for the ceiling of supply, it has fallen to an unprecedented extent. Now, in Lebanon, there are no more grain in Lebanon than bundles that are not enough for one month after the supply source artery was cut.

Between its glorious past and its bloody day and day, the port of Lebanon lives in the most painful part of the tragedy of the eastern Switzerland, and here is Beirut that washes its feet with blood after making its collapsed port a fountain of beauty, food and economy for centuries.