Beirut explosion 135 dead dead Lebanese government blamed for explosion explosion August 6 at 6:01


The massive blast that took place on the 4th in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, killed 135 people. The Lebanese government has decided to declare an emergency and set up an investigation committee in the near future to investigate how chemical substances, which are the raw materials for explosives, were stored for a long time, and to pursue their responsibilities.

Lebanon's public health minister injured local media on the 5th, killing 135 people and injuring about 5,000 people, on the 5th of a massive explosion on April 4 at a port in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. I made it clear.

Dozens of people still do not know the whereabouts, and at the explosion site, even after the sun goes down, the rescue work continues, relying on the lights. Beirut's prefectural governor also notes that 300,000 people have lost their homes in the capital and cost $3 to $5 billion.

It is known that about 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which is also a raw material for explosives, was stored for 6 years in the warehouse of the port where the explosion occurred.

President Aung held an urgent cabinet meeting on the 5th and issued a two-week state of emergency to Beirut, during which time he requested the army to arrest anyone involved in the storage of ammonium nitrate at his home.

The government will soon establish an investigative committee to announce the results after investigating the cause and identifying the person in charge over five days.

President Aung said he was determined to pursue responsibility by stating, "I will investigate as soon as possible to determine what happened and punish the responsible person."

Even satellite images show the power of explosions

A large-scale explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, shows satellite images of the scene after the explosion, showing the tremendous power of the explosion.

The satellite company Planet Inc. in the United States took a picture of the port where the explosion occurred, and the wharf is largely scooped around the place where the explosion occurred and it looks like a crater. Also, in the image taken before the explosion, you can see something like a warehouse around the wharf, but after the explosion, it disappears without a trace or only the skeleton.

There are also containers and building debris that seem to have been blown by the blast, and you can see the power of the explosion.

In addition, satellite images taken from another angle by American satellite company Maxar Technologies can confirm that a ship like a cruise ship moored on the opposite bank of the wharf where the explosion occurred is lying sideways. ..

French President Macron to Beirut

Following a massive explosion, in France, which has a long history with Lebanon, President Macron announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he would go there to convey the message of solidarity.

According to AFP, President Macron will enter Beirut on the 6th to meet with Lebanese Prime Minister Diab and President Aun.

The French government has already sent two military aircraft along with medical supplies to doctors and a team of firefighters to search and rescue.

Mayor Hidalgo of Paris announced that he would turn off the Eiffel Tower at midnight on the 6th to commemorate the victims.