Controversy has emerged with even criticism of sexual harassment over the course of the online debate over the fact that lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong, wearing a pink dot-patterned dress, attended the National Assembly. 

On the 4th, Rep. Ryu Ho-jung attended the main assembly hall in a pink polka dot dress wearing a yellow mask and black sneakers, the symbol of the Justice Party.  

When Ryu Ho-jung's costumes were shared online, there was a positive opinion that "they broke the National Assembly's dress practices and showed de-authorization" and the negative opinion that "clothes should fit in time and place." 

However, in one community, the comments about sexual harassment, such as "Who called karaoke helper to the National Assembly," and "Basoon, please come to the parliament to pay for alcohol?"  

In this regard, the Justice Party commented and criticized that "there is a mere politician-like dress and appearance, and at the same time, only words that sexually target women," and criticized "the accusations toward lawmakers contain sexist prejudice." I strongly regret it."

Then he said, "It's 2020 that I'm sorry for the high pressure of the other party, and I'm sorry for the reality of the current issue where it's a matter of course for the National Assembly to wear a dress."

The controversy over the costumes of lawmakers went back 17 years ago in 2003. Previously, Yoo Si-min, chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun group, won the re-election in 2003, and appeared in the main assembly hall of the National Assembly with white pants and casual clothes, rather than black suits, causing'blue'.

Rep. Yoo Si-min of the Reform Party said, "Because the National Assembly is a place to work, I came to wear clothes that are good for work." Revealed views. 

Hee-Jung Son, a cultural critic of Yonsei University's Gender Research Institute, pointed out that "If Mr. Yoo Si-min's back pants connected the conservatives' qualifications of progressive politicians through costumes, the criticisms of Rep. Ryu Ho-jung were dismissed as young women politicians in costumes." I did. 

He said, "Women are constantly being evaluated for reduction in appearance and sexual image." 

(Composition: Joeul Sun, Editor: Hee Sun Kim)