Seoul, Cheonan, Busan, Daejeon, Chungju. 

Some of the cities with the greatest flood damage from heavy rains since last month. Rainfall over these cities exceeded 50 mm per hour in Cheonan, 60 mm in Gangnam, 80 mm in Busan, 100 mm in Daejeon, and 59 mm in Chungju. The rainy season, or stagnant front, swept through the cities here, causing this damage, but in fact, cities with particularly high flood damages have something we didn't know about. 'It was a city that had been damaged in the past' and'I had already predicted that it would be flooded again'. What this is about, Sves News organized. 

Responsible Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Producer Lee Arita / Composition Nam Young-ju / Editorial Hye-soo Jeong / Intern Lee Su-bin