<Anchor> During the

broadcast interview, US President Trump passed on the credibility of Korea's Corona 19 statistics. It seemed to imply manipulation of South Korea's death toll statistics, but American media dismissed it as ridiculous.

This is Correspondent Correspondent Kim Yun-soo of Washington.


During a documentary-style news program interview, President Trump had a battle with reporters over Corona 19 statistics.

President Trump's claim that the ratio of death to death is low in the United States and the reporter's refutation that the ratio of death to death is serious.

[Trump/US President: America is the lowest. In many statistics, the United States is lower than other countries in the world.]

[Reporter Swan/Axios: I'm talking about the ratio of deaths to confirmed people, and I'm talking about the ratio of deaths to population. In the United States, that part is very serious.] When the

Korean case was mentioned, President Trump said that he couldn't believe the statistics.

[Reporter Swan/Axios: For example, Korea has a population of 51 million, and the death toll is 300. It's really great.]

[Trump/US President: That's unknown.] After

the question of whether South Korea manipulated statistics, President Trump said he had a very good relationship with South Korea, and he would not go into detail.

Controversy has arisen by saying, "I can't help it. I control it as much as I can."

Washington Post dismissed South Korea's death toll because it was successful in responding to Corona19, dismissing President Trump's claim as absurd.