The White House administration has declassified a number of documents related to the invasion over the past years, and the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al Anbaa" among them obtained the verbatim text of the phone call that took place between the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the time, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and former American President George Bush Sr., on the evening of the brutal Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, which shows King Fahd’s keenness to liberate Kuwait and the return of legitimacy to it, his insistence on the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from all Kuwaiti lands, and his total rejection of this foolish behavior, as the call shows the president’s eagerness The late American, Bush Sr., and his agreement to the same goal, and his affirmation of supporting Kuwait and its then Emir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad, and his affirmation to take all necessary measures, including the use of force to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.

During the call, King Fahd described Iraqi President Hussein as "arrogant, and there is nothing good for him except using force."

The Saudi king also reported that he had spoken by phone with Saddam earlier in the day, and reminded him that he had "proposed at the Baghdad summit a non-aggression pact between Arab countries," commenting that Saddam was a liar, and that he was firm with him in the call, and told him that "he must He withdraws from Kuwait now. "

Bush, the father, told the Saudi king in the call that his government was preparing "for options at the diplomatic, military and economic levels. We will study more diplomatic, economic and military options."

Bush also asked King Fahd to convey to the Emir of Kuwait, Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah that he "deeply despised this atrocious brutal act against his country, and told him that we support him."

The following is the verbatim translation of the text of the call:

The White House - Washington

Subject: Phone call note: A call to King Fahd, King of Saudi Arabia

Participants: President (George HW Bush) - King Fahd

Time and date: August 2, 1990, 6:43 - 7:21 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President: Your Majesty, how are you?

King Fahd: Sorry for being late in taking your call.

The President: It's okay. I wanted to share with you what we think, and more importantly, to hear your opinions about the terrible invasion.

King Fahd: First of all, thank you for your interest in this most serious issue in the Middle East by a country that does not know the meaning of neighborhood.

My opinion about this situation is very difficult.

It must be stopped as soon as possible and in any way because it is very dangerous, when it becomes the principle that a state attacks another small state with armies.

The President: Exactly.

King Fahd: This attack started at 2:30 a.m. Saudi time, as you know we had representatives from Iraq and Kuwait two days ago.

I tried to reconcile the positions, and the two sides expressed their willingness to do so.

A delegation from Kuwait was scheduled to go to Iraq, and another session will be held in Kuwait to reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, although Saddam confirmed that he had no intention of attacking Kuwait, the opposite happened.

The President: Exactly.

King Fahd: This is because he is conceited .. He does not realize that the consequences of what he did will upset the world order. It seems that he only thinks about himself, that he follows Hitler's footsteps in creating problems for the world, with one difference, that one is arrogant and the other is more arrogant and insane.

I think that there is nothing beneficial with Saddam except the use of force.

I talked with Saddam at 4 am local time and told him that he was making a mistake. What law or logic is attacking a small country with military forces? I reminded him that he proposed at the Baghdad summit a non-aggression pact between Arab countries, and non-interference in some of the internal affairs of some.

He is a liar.

My call with him today was firm and strong and I told him that he must withdraw from Kuwait now, and we will not accept any system that represents Kuwaiti and Arab opinion.

Saddam told me that he had tried to reach an agreement with Kuwait, but Kuwait had not replied to it.

I told him that this is not an excuse, if Kuwait did not reply to him, he could have called us and tried to reach an agreement.

No excuse for using (that) in his speech.

For this reason, I say that he is arrogant, thinking that what he did will pass easily.

Then he told me, “Let me send you the vice president to meet you tomorrow at 11 am Saudi time.

I told him if I realized your mistake and withdrew from Kuwait then I could meet the Vice President.

Then repeat if it is possible to meet his representative tomorrow to find a solution.

I told him that he is responsible for the safety of everyone in Kuwait, Kuwaitis and others.

Mr. President, we will receive his representative tomorrow and talk to him briefly. Either the Iraqi forces withdraw smoothly, or his representative must quickly return to his list.

Saddam must withdraw his forces from Kuwait quickly, otherwise the only other solution is to use force.

Mr. President, This is a very serious matter, which involves a principle that cannot be accepted in any logic or ethics.

Mubarak called me about requesting an Arab summit.

I told him it was a good move. The Arab leaders must be convinced that what happened is very dangerous, and through Mubarak and me, we will work to hold a summit the day after tomorrow.

Saddam's representative will inform me tomorrow whether he will correct things and withdraw from Kuwait or not.

Any information from Saddam’s representative will be communicated to you.

Mr. President, Saddam cannot be tolerated.

I hope that things will be resolved peacefully, and if not, then we must teach Saddam a lesson that he will not forget.

I want to thank you and the American people, the Europeans and the world for your steadfast stance towards what Saddam did to realize his fatal mistake against Kuwait.

Let me also suggest willingness because we know what Saddam will do.

This information is for you, now you have any questions? Please ask as a friend and I will answer you as a friend.

The President: I have one question. Are the Kuwaiti leadership in Saudi Arabia, the Prince and the Crown Prince, safe and sound?

King Fahd: A large number of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia is now safely and welcome.

The President: Very well, we will make a joint statement with the Soviets condemning the Iraqi invasion when Baker arrives in Moscow soon to issue a strong and joint statement between us and the Soviets.

King Fahd: This is very good news.

The President: Our goal is consistent with their goal of driving Iraq out and restoring Kuwaiti sovereignty.

King Fahd: I told Saddam that we will not be deceived by this national government in Kuwait (the government that Saddam formed). We know that no one in Kuwait accepts the removal of the legitimate government, and if they bring leadership from Iraq to Kuwait, this will be completely unacceptable.

The President: It will be a complete fraud.

King Fahd: We will know at any time from now until the truth of the situation.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Meanwhile, we are doing what I expressed, and in my government we are preparing for options at the diplomatic, military and economic levels.

We will study more diplomatic, economic and military options.

We have implemented comprehensive economic sanctions, and we are currently studying other economic measures against Iraq in accordance with Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

Other measures will be taken into consideration to stop the possibility of exporting Iraqi oil, either by closing oil pipelines or through the blockade imposed on Iraq.

It is clear that we need more talk to discuss a range of other options, but I hope that the Arab efforts will result in the withdrawal and return of legitimacy to Kuwait.

King Fahd: We also hope that the Arab efforts will succeed, but all the measures that have been taken and the options I mentioned will be useful in deterring Saddam.

The President: In Saudi Arabia, we believe that TACAIR should be studied and that we need to discuss with you because your security is important to us and we want to do anything possible to prevent Saddam from taking any hostile measures against the Kingdom, and to work with you to take any necessary steps to compel Saddam to withdraw from Kuwait.

King Fahd: Thank you for what you said about Saudi Arabia, based on what will happen tomorrow, I will be happy to discuss this with you.

The President: You know that we are moving aircraft carriers near the Gulf. We believe that collective Arab action will be beneficial. We salute your efforts, and we hope for success tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you about the results.

King Fahd: Thank you for your interest, and thank you in the name of the Saudi people.

The President: I have another request. I hope that you convey my personal greetings to Emir Sheikh Jaber, and tell him that I despise deeply this terrible atrocity against his country, and inform him that we support him. Your most valuable role in informing him.

King Fahd: I will inform the Emir.

The President: Thank you, God bless you and the Saudi people. Good luck with your heroic efforts towards peace.

King Fahd: Thank you, thank you for the friendship between the Kingdom and the United States for more than 60 years.

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