Post-Abe motivated Chairman Kishida Masato meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Finance Minister August 4 23:28

Tomorrow's Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Kishida, who is willing to post Abe, has a dinner with Vice-President Aso and Finance Minister in Tokyo tonight, and exchanges opinions over the next LDP presidential election. We are activating the movement.

The party was called by Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Kishida, and was held at a restaurant in Tokyo for about two hours.

At the dinner, opinions were exchanged about the party's trends toward the next LDP presidential election, future political schedules, and economic measures based on the effects of the new coronavirus.

Mr. Kishida had a dinner with Prime Minister Abe last week, and since last month, he has held meetings with the factions of each faction, such as the LDP's secretary-general secretary and former secretary-general Hosoda, for the next presidential election. In light of this, we are activating the movement toward increasing support within the party.