South Korea “Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = GSOMIA can be terminated at any time” August 4, 22:58

If Japan and South Korea's military information comprehensive protection agreement = GSOMIA is to be abolished, it is arranged to give notice by the end of August every year. The concept of doing does not currently apply."

The Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement (GSOMIA) is automatically extended every year unless either Japan or South Korea notify the destruction, but if it is destroyed, 90 days before Notification must be made through diplomatic routes, and the deadline is August 24th each year.

In August of last year, the Korean government decided to abolish GSOMIA and notified the Japanese government that it was a countermeasure against Japan's measures to tighten export control. It has announced that it will suspend the notification as the consultation progresses.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea said in a press conference at a press conference on April 4, saying, "Is the Korean government going to take any measures later this month?" The government can terminate the agreement at any time. The concept of extending it annually does not currently apply."

In addition, the spokesman said, "We will consider whether to exercise the right depending on the move toward withdrawal of Japan's export control measures," and the opinion that whether to maintain the agreement will be decided according to Japan's response. I showed you.