Yemeni army forces and Arab coalition fighters to support legitimacy achieved qualitative victories in the Kataf Al-Baqa front in Saada Governorate, a stronghold of Houthi militias in northern Yemen, after carrying out specific operations, during the past two days, during which Houthi positions and reinforcements were destroyed, and at a time when the Yemeni army carried out an operation A military man in the Najd Al-Ataq front in the Nahham district, northeast of the capital, Sana'a. The army forces foiled an attack by the Houthis in the cemetery of Taiz.

In the details, Arab coalition fighters destroyed sites, destroyed reinforcements of the Houthi militia in the Kataf al-Baqa'a front in Saada governorate, north of Yemen, according to field sources, confirming that 17 Houthis were killed, and dozens wounded by focused and accurate raids, and led to huge explosions at the Houthi site, which includes stores Weapons in “Flat Flat” at the Directorate of Border with Saudi Arabia.

The sources pointed out that the raids also led to the destruction of military reinforcements, including vehicles, armored vehicles, and mechanisms carrying ammunition and military supplies, which were on their way to the "Umm Al-Rayah Triangle", and targeted Houthi sites and checkpoints on the road linking Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the Kattaf District.

The artillery of the Yemeni army and the Arab alliance destroyed the Houthi sites and fortifications in the axis of the epaulet, which led to the destruction of many of the barricades, a mortar barge and a vehicle for firing the Katyusha, and left dead and wounded in the ranks of the Houthis, which allowed the rapid intervention battalion in the Yemeni army to advance in the Umm al-Raih triangle, And seize multiple weapons that were in the region.

The coalition raids come hours after a military operation carried out by the Yemeni army in the Al-Sowh area of ​​the Kataf district, which resulted in deaths and injuries among the Houthis, and the destruction of military vehicles in the area and another spoil.

In Sanaa, the army and tribes forces launched a surprise attack on the militia sites in the "Najd al-Ataq" front, which led to the death of many Houthis, including field leader Nasser Muhammad al-Sufiani, known as "Abu al-Hussein", and the Houthi leader Ali Khaled al-Ghadrani, and dozens were wounded.

In Taiz, the commander of the Makbana front in the west of the province, Colonel Hamid al-Khalidi, told «Emirates Today» that the military units stationed in the al-Qahifah isolation managed to thwart an infiltration attempt for the Houthi militia on the third day of Eid al-Adha, which was aimed at stationing in Tibb Malik The steadfastness of the forces stationed in that region.

He pointed out that the militias incurred heavy losses, and they were defeated from Jabal Haridem, which belongs to the isolation of Qahifa, and the spoil of weapons after incurring three dead and four wounded, while the rest of the elements fled towards their previous positions, pointing to the injury of three army forces in recent operations.

In Al Hudaydah, Houthi militias continued their violations of the international armistice, through continuous escalation, targeting population gatherings in the liberated areas of the governorate, according to sources in the Giants brigades, noting that Houthi violations included targeting civilian homes in the Bani Afif neighborhood of Al Tahita district, and closing the port of Shema village Hayes District, which is now surrounded by militias that pushed reinforcements into its surroundings during the days of Eid.

The sources pointed out that the militias continued to detain civilians in the center of Al-Duraimi directorate, most of them elderly, children and women, as human shields, pointing out that 80 families took the militia as human shields, and they turned their homes into barracks and their areas to a minefield, digging trenches and building basements in them. In al-Dhalea, the Houthi militia targeted a house in the village of Salim in the district of Qataba, north of the governorate, with a mortar shell, which led to its destruction and the injury of a woman and a girl who were in the house. In Al-Bayda, militias raided dozens of homes, places of worship and shops in the Qaniya area, arrested dozens of the people of the area, and transferred them to detention camps in the governorate center.

• Militias are holding 80 families as human shields in Al-Derahimi, and turning their homes into barracks.

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