Pride Week in Stockholm is over for this year but will continue on social media.

Darin, who became famous after his participation in the first edition of the music program Idol, writes that he is proud to come out as gay and wishes "Happy Pride".

"Still to do"

Due to the corona pandemic, the entire Pride Week 2020 went digital, as did the colorful parade that used to go through the capital.

In the festival's opening speech, Crown Princess Victoria emphasized the importance of carrying out Pride Week and standing up for the LGBTQ movement despite the difficult circumstances.

- It is a reminder of all the progress that has been made - but also of everything that remains to be done. And that responsibility rests on all of us. On you and on me. We must not be silent, says the princess in the speech.

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The Crown Princess opens the pride parade: We must not be silent Photo: Stockholm Pride / Rikard Collsiöö / SVT