NY stock market Dow average stock price rise due to Microsoft stock price rise August 4 5:34

In the New York stock market on the third day of the week, the Dow average stock price rose because the stock price of Microsoft, which is considering the acquisition of the Chinese video posting application "TikTok" in the United States, has risen significantly. In addition, the Nasdaq stock index has risen and has reached its highest level.

The closing price of the New York Stock Market Dow Average stock price on the 3rd was 26,664.40 cents, which is 236.8 cents higher than last weekend.

On that day, Microsoft and Apple, which are in talks to acquire the video posting application "TikTok" in China, were bought, and both of them increased significantly, so the whole stock price was pulled.

In addition, the Nasdaq stock index, which has a lot of IT-related stocks, has also risen in price, renewing the highest price on the 20th of last month.

Stock prices in New York started to rise this month, but this week this week the ruling and opposition talks in the U.S. Congress over additional economic measures against the new coronavirus and last month's employment statistics announced. The content of is attracting attention.