• Rupture.Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau: this has been their 26 years of secret relationship
  • Custody: Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau, on trial for their four children

The latest installment of Hormigas Blancas , the Telecinco space that reviews the lives of famous people, has been the setting chosen by Nacho Palau to talk about his ex-partner Miguel Bosé, the relationship they have had since they separated and the custody conflicts of their four children, separated after the breakup of the couple.

The sculptor, who had a 26-year relationship with the singer, confirmed that they already had a "new date" for the trial in which the custody and visitation regime for the children will be decided, two of whom live with him in Valencia, Although he did not reveal what day the hearing will be held, which had been set for March but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus.

When asked how his relationship with his ex-partner was, Palau said that they continue "the same as always". "About the children ... the visits of the children are the visits of the children, and the rest is the rest. In other words, everything remains the same ." The brothers have met again these days after months apart and Palau said that it had been "very good".

Miguel Bosé lives in Mexico with two of his sons, Diego and Tadeo, while the other two twins, Ivo and Telmo, reside in Spain with Palau. The end of their love story, which they led very discreetly until their separation, has become the beginning of a huge family disagreement, since the artist would have had no qualms about separating the four children they have adopted between the two .

With a new date for a trial that stipulates the new rules of coexistence for the family, the great bomb of the program was an exclusive telephone interview with Palau, who confirmed that his only interest has to do with the good of his children. The sculptor revealed that he is working as a cook and that he usually doubles shifts if necessary. He also said that he has "no pact" with the singer and that he has "not signed or received anything."

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