So far this year, 65 students at Kristianstad University have reported suspected cheating - compared with 27 students in 2019.

- It has enough to do with how we handled the pandemic and that we switched to distance education and distance examinations. This has made it more possible to cheat in different ways, says Håkan Pihl.

Increase also in Lund and Malmö

Applications have also increased at the universities of Lund and Malmö. During the first six months of this year, 109 cases of suspected disciplinary offenses were received at Lund University, of which 108 concerned suspected fraud in some form. The figure for the whole of 2019 was at Lund University 82.

Malmö University received a total of 100 cases in 2019 - between 1 January and 7 July this year, the figure was 92.

General problem

Håkan Pihl, Rector of Kristianstad University, says that he has discussed the issue with representatives from other universities.

- This is perceived as a problem in general in Sweden, I would like to say. We have coordination meetings with the other higher education institutions and this has been one of the issues that has been raised, says Håkan Pihl.