The HBO series Euphoria has made Jacob Elordi (23) one of the hottest actors in the world, with four movies about to premiere and immersed in promoting the second part of My First Kiss (Netflix).

It was precisely in a promotional meeting of this premiere where the Australian actor has made some statements that have raised a stir on social networks. In an interview in the GQ Elordi magazine, he clarified that he is of Basque, not Spanish, descent. Surfing the internet, he discovered that Wikipedia's review of him indicated that his origin was Spanish, something he did not like.

"Elordi was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on June 26, 1997, the son of John and Melissa Elordi. He has two sisters. He is a descendant of Spanish," said the famous free encyclopedia. "This is not true. I am a descendant of Basques," corrected the actor from Euphoria , where he shared the limelight with Zendaya and even related to her.

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When asked by his companions about the location, the Australian actor pointed out: "It is that small place between France and Spain" and, to everyone's surprise, he added: "My grandfather would strangle me if he knew he says I have Spanish ancestry." The interpreter himself corrected the detail on his page, as can be seen at the moment in his section within Wikipedia.

Elordi's appreciation has gone viral on social networks and there are many Spanish followers who have not hesitated to comment and share what happened on their own social networks.

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