1.4 billion involved in illegal lending, violent debt collection, forced transactions, the chief of the public security bureau was actually the boss of the underworld

Triad-related history of "old policemen" at the deputy division level in Inner Mongolia

  "China News Weekly" reporter / Zhou Qunfeng

  Published in the 958th issue of China News Weekly on August 3, 2020

  The political and legal system of Inner Mongolia, which is hardest hit by corruption, has once again become the focus of public opinion.

  At 9 am on July 20th, 61 people including Jia Jingbo and others were suspected of organizing, leading, participating in the crime of underworld organization, and the crime of provoking quarrels. The trial was opened in the No. 1 Court of the Ordos Intermediate People's Court.

  Jia Jingbo is 47 years old and an "old policeman" who has been in the police for nearly 30 years. He used to be the deputy head of the Urad Front Banner Government of Bayannaoer City, and the party secretary and director of the Public Security Bureau. "China News Weekly" sees from the indictment provided by insiders: After review, the underworld organization headed by Jia Jingbo illegally absorbs public deposits, illegal loan sharking, violence, "soft violence" debt collection, forced trading, illegal mining, Corruption, acceptance of bribes and other illegal and criminal methods, as well as business activities such as real estate development, hotel operation, and project contracting, continued to accumulate money. Organization members used violence, threats and other methods to organize more than 500 illegal and criminal activities.

  Jia Jingbo is only a deputy director-level official, but he has attracted public attention because of the assets involved in the case exceeding 1.4 billion yuan. According to the indictment, Jia Jingbo, nicknamed "Boss" and "Boge", belongs to Bayannaoer City Tengda Pawn Co., Ltd., Bayannaoer City Tairong Trading Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Jusheng Trading Co., Ltd., Bayannaoer City The actual controller of many companies such as Kinkaidun Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Tairong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

  Ironically, Jia Jingbo, who had served as the deputy leader of the Urad Front Banner Special Struggle for Anti-gangs, eventually went to the dock due to criminal involvement. At the same time, the Urad Qianqi Public Security Bureau, where he served, also became the defendant unit.

Include "gambling king" in the illegal debt collection

  On February 9, 1973, Jia Jingbo was born in Wuyuan County, Bayannaoer League (now Bayannaoer City).

  A local insider in Inner Mongolia told China News Weekly that Jia Jingbo was born in an ordinary family and his father was a veterinarian. Jia lost his father at an early age and was brought up by his uncle Jia Linlin. He has a stubborn character and does not like to learn. When he was a teenager, he became involved in society.

  In October 1990, 17-year-old Jia Jingbo entered the Linhe City Construction Bureau of Bayannaoer League. Only 3 months later, he entered the Linhe City Public Security Bureau of Bayannaoer League (now Linhe District Public Security Bureau). The reason why Jia Jingbo was able to enter the public security system is not well known. On the road from the police, despite repeated controversy, it has risen step by step.

  According to the indictment, between 1998 and 1999, Jia Jingbo used the identity of a public security policeman to cooperate with Qiao Weidong to illegally buy and sell smuggled vehicles and obtain the first barrel of "black gold" of 308,000 yuan. After the incident, Jia Jingbo gathered Yu Yanjun, Qiao Weidong and others, and conspired to get Qiao Weidong to commit the crime. After that, Qiao Weidong made a false confession to prevent Jia Jingbo from being held accountable, and later compensated Qiao Weidong in cash of 70,000 yuan. On April 22, 1999, Qiao Weidong, who was charged with all charges alone, was criminally detained by the Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau on suspicion of buying and selling official documents and certificates of state organs. One month later, he was released on bail pending trial. During the release on bail, Jia Jingbo arranged for Qiao Weidong to flee, and he remained at large for a long time. Until March 14, 2019, he was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Etuoke Banner.

  After June 2003, Jia Jingbo served successively as captain, deputy section-level investigator, and deputy director (general section) of the Patrol and Defense Brigade of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau. In December 2012, he presided over the work in the supervision detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Bayannaoer City. Two years later, he served as the political commissar of the Urad Qianqi Public Security Bureau; in October 2017, he served as the deputy head of the Urad Qianqi government, party secretary and director of the Public Security Bureau. He had been working in the public security system for nearly 30 years until he was arrested in October 2019.

  Many insiders said that Jia Jingbo had a fiery temper, a rude manner, and "not cursing or talking" (referring to open mouth is vulgar language). A Urad former banner entrepreneur told China News Weekly that he once had a meal with a major leader of a local bureau that was in charge of Jia Jingbo when he was the deputy banner chief. During the banquet, the leader called Jia Jingbo to ask about one thing. After the call was connected, Jia Jingbo was yelled at first. The scolding was so terrible that everyone felt embarrassed. The indictment also shows that in 2017, a businessman named Yang Ping had a conflict with Jia Jingbo. Jia casually smashed the glass ashtray on the desk against Yang Ping's head, causing Yang Ping to be battered.

  Illegal loan sharking, absorbing public deposits, and violent debt collection were the main methods used by the Jia Jingbo group in its early years. In September 2007, Jia Jingbo registered and established Bayannaoer Tengda Pawn Co., Ltd. in the name of his second uncle Jia Zhimin (hereinafter referred to as "Tengda Pawnshop", which is actually controlled by Jia Jingbo), and began to illegally absorb public deposits and illegally release. usury.

  The indictment alleges: During the period from 2008 to 2015, Jia Jingbo and others illegally absorbed more than 151 million yuan of public deposits from unspecified 265 people in society based on Tenda's pawning behavior at an interest rate of 1.5% to 2% per month for illegal high profits. Lending. The triad organization used a monthly interest rate of 4 to 5 cents and deducted about 10% of the head interest rate in advance, illegally lending usury and violently collecting debts, involving more than 100 victims, lending more than 170 million yuan, and illegally making more than 80 million yuan in profits.

  For example, from 2009 to 2014, Ma Jinshan successively borrowed 3.36 million yuan from Tengda Pawnbrokers. Later, because he could not repay on time, Jia Jingbo instructed his subordinate Liu Changjiang to beat and insult Ma Jinshan to repay the debt. In the autumn of 2016, Liu Changjiang led a man to beat and kick Ma Jinshan at his home in Linhe District, Bayannaoer City, causing his left leg to fracture. Liu Changjiang hit Ma Jinshan’s head against the door of the car, and Ma Jinshan was forced to use 3 vehicles, one set The shop gave Tengda pawnshop the principal and interest of 10.5 million yuan.

  In 2013, Zhao Guoliang successively borrowed 1.3 million yuan from Liu Changjiang at a monthly interest rate of 5 cents. After that, he was unable to repay the loan. Liu Changjiang threatened and abused many times. In July 2013, at a barbecue restaurant in Linhe District, Liu Changjiang and others beat Zhao Guoliang, causing his mouth to be broken and bleeding, his shirt torn, and threatened to kill his family members if he did not pay the money within one month. Zhao Guoliang was forced to do nothing. , Has repaid about 2.2 million yuan to Liu Changjiang.

  In terms of violent debt collection, Jia Jingbo has enlisted a "professional team." The indictment revealed that in 2003, Jia Jingbo used his status as the captain of the patrol brigade of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau to provide illegal protection for Duan Bao, the "king of gambling" in Linhe District and Hangjinhou Banner, and snatch him around him; Duan Bao was gambling around the Hu. After being arrested by the public security organ, he greeted him through Jia Jingbo, and Duan Bao only paid a fine of 500 yuan. Jia Jingbo took advantage of Duan Bao’s fatal gambling, gambling as his career, and feared being punished by law to seek Jia Jingbo’s Achilles’ heel. He controlled and instructed Duan Bao to repeatedly use violence and soft violence to organize illegal debt collection.

  The triad organization headed by Jia Jingbo acted as an "underground law enforcement team", using public power to assign public security police officers to collect debts for others illegally, and to collect 7 debts on behalf of others in an organized manner, with a total of about 250 million yuan in funds and 5.6 million yuan in illegal profits. .

  In March 2014, when Wu Ping settled the loan dispute with Wang Jianzhong, Yu Shengwen and others, he asked Tojia Jingbo for help. Jia Jingbo introduced Wu Ping to the then Linhe District Public Security Bureau Director Yang Ming. With Yang Ming’s help, Wu Ping asked for nearly 200 million yuan in return. Assets, in order to thank Yang Ming for his help, Jia Jingbo and Wu Ping bribe Yang Ming 2.8 million yuan. According to data, in March 2020, Yang Ming, deputy director of the Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision and investigation.

  In order to manage this "underground organization", Jia Jingbo instructed the organization member Han Yong to rent the "New City Health Metropolis" in Linhe District of Bayannaoer City, managed by the organization member Qiao Weidong, for the organization members to eat, drink, play, gather, and gamble, and convene members from time to time. Meetings, listening to reports, and arranging arrangements for illegal loan sharking and debt collection.

Drivers, babysitters, relatives, etc.

Served as "named boss" of more than 50 companies

  In Jia Jingbo's gang-related cases, his relatives frequently appeared.

  In November 2010, Gao Qingping owed Tengda Pawnshop 4 million yuan but did not return it. Jia Jingbo and others beat and detained him, forcing him to pay off the debts of the Sunflower Storage Plant in Langya Town, Linhe District. However, because Gao Yongping owed Zhang Aiping 4 million yuan at the same time, Zhang Aiping was sued to the court to preserve the storage factory. For this reason, Jia Jingbo instructed Guan Ruifeng and others to negotiate with Zhang Aiping many times, and used his public power to instruct the Linhe District Economic Investigation Brigade policeman Ma Baogui to threaten and intimidate Zhang Aiping on the grounds of investigating tax evasion and other economic crimes, forcing him to release the preservation, and succeeded The sunflower storage plant was transferred to Tairong Trading Company controlled by Jia Jingbo. Since then, Jia Jingbo rebuilt and expanded it into a grain storage plant, which was managed by Jia Zhijun.

  A number of insiders who had traveled with Jia Zhijun told China News Weekly that Jia Zhijun was born in 1963, is about 1.7 meters tall, is fatter, has big eyes, and is Jia Jingbo’s fourth uncle. He is fierce and domineering. "Si Ye" or "Jia Si Ye" is called the main member of Jia Jingbo's criminal organization.

  After obtaining the national temporary storage qualification for grain storage, Jia Jingbo, together with Jia Zhijun and Su Yukui, violated national regulations by extending the purchase time limit, violating the regulations on direct purchase of corn from farmers, and illegally purchasing a large number of grain vendors and cross-purchasing at a listed purchase price lower than the national regulations. The method of geographical restriction on the purchase of corn defrauded the state's purchasing and storage funds of more than 20.49 million yuan.

  In 2009, Jia Jingbo carried out the corporate management of the huge amount of illegally seized property, involved in hotel operation, real estate development, small mortgage, construction project contracting, grain collection and storage, and monopoly operation of sand and stone yards. The indictment revealed that with the continuous accumulation of capital, Jia Jingbo went through the medical procedures for his wife Li Rui in violation of the regulations, and let Li Rui be responsible for the management of Jia Jingbo’s funds accumulated in the early stage. Before the incident, Bayannaoer Jusheng Trading Co., Ltd. was registered and established. Company, King Kaidun Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Tairong Trading Co., Ltd., etc.

  The indictment revealed that Jia Jingbo, Li Rui and others registered more than 50 companies through investment, holding, equity participation, etc., and their drivers, nanny, relatives, etc. were the legal representatives, and Jia Jingbo, Li Rui and their relatives actually controlled the financial rights. There are 17 companies in actual operation.

  Insiders told China News Weekly that Li Rui is Jia Jingbo's ex-wife. In 2009, 35-year-old Li Rui went through the procedures for retiring from illness under Jia Jingbo's operation, and since then devoted himself to managing the company's business. Later, Jia Jingbo tried to cut himself with Li Rui through divorce in order to protect himself.

  According to the indictment, Li Rui was present in many allegations of bribery. Eight companies including Bayannaoer Tonglian Communication Business Co., Ltd. and Qianyuan Shengda Trading Co., Ltd., which were actually controlled and operated by Jia Jingbo and Li Rui, and 2 Inner Mongolia Linda New Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., which was actually controlled by the defendant Jia Linlin The company provided a total of 300 million yuan in loans to Wuradqianqi Rural Commercial Bank, Hetao Rural Commercial Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China with false loan materials and fictitious loan purposes. The loans were all used for company operations and bank "disbursements".

  On September 17, 2019, Li Rui was detained by the Bayannaoer City Supervision Committee on suspicion of accepting bribes. On March 24, 2020, Li Rui was arrested by the Ordos Procuratorate.

On July 12, Guo Jianping pointed to the site of Jinshengda Mining Plant. Twelve years ago, during the investment promotion period of Urad Qianqi, Guo Jianping came here to set up a factory, and he was unwilling to contract the company at a low price to Jia Jingbo's family. He was jailed shortly thereafter. Photographer/Reporter Zhou Qunfeng

"I didn't dig into Jinshan, but got on the thief ship"

  Located on the north bank of the Yellow River and bordering Baotou, the grassland steel city, Urad Qianqi has abundant mineral resources. The official website of Wulateqian Banner shows that the banner is rich in mineral resources. There are 101 proven mineral deposits, mines, mineralization points and production areas in the territory, and the potential value of mineral resources is more than 10 billion yuan, of which the proven reserves of iron ore 97 million tons, accounting for 55% of the city’s iron ore resources.

  During Jia Jingbo's tenure as deputy head of the Urad Front Banner, the development and mining of mineral resources was his area of ​​responsibility. During this time, his fourth uncle Jia Zhijun monopolized the sand ore market. In this process, some entrepreneurs who did not cooperate with Jia Zhijun were even imprisoned.

  In 2008, the People's Government of Urad Qianqi introduced more than 40 iron ore processing enterprises through investment promotion. Urad Qianqi Judecheng Jinshengda Mining Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Baotou Judecheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is independently accounted for A subsidiary, hereinafter referred to as "Jinshengda Mining") is one of them.

  Guo Jianping, a 63-year-old entrepreneur from Baotou, is one of the main founders of Jinshengda Mining and the current legal representative of the company. Guo Jianping told China News Weekly that he had never done business in Urad Qianqi before. At that time, the People’s Government of Urad Front Banner promised a number of preferential conditions to attract foreign companies, and allowed “get on the bus before buying tickets.” “The government said that the relevant procedures were handled by them, and the company only needed to build a factory for production and pay taxes. can."

  In this context, in August 2009, Jinshengda Mining invested in the production of Hematoxylin in Erden, Urad Qianqi, mainly engaged in processing and sales of ore dressing (iron). Before and after the start of construction, Jinshengda Mining successively obtained a series of procedures such as the Development and Reform Bureau of Urad Qianqi, the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Water Affairs Bureau, as well as the industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, and mining permit.

  In May 2012, due to low market prices, Jinshengda Mining took the initiative to suspend production. When the production ceased, there were still 750,000 cubic meters of ore raw materials in the company. At the beginning of 2018, the price of iron powder rebounded and Guo Jianping was ready to resume production. One day in March of the same year, Jia Zhijun approached Guo Jianping and asked for a contract for the five-year mining operation right of Jinshengda Mining at a price of 2 million yuan, during which the relevant machinery and equipment should be used free of charge.

  Guo Jianping said that Jinshengda Mining's investment in machinery and equipment in the early stage exceeded 60 million yuan, and the market had just picked up. He saw an opportunity for corporate profitability. He thought this kind of contract was extremely unreasonable, so he refused on the spot.

  "If so, the Qi government will arrest you as a model, you don't regret it. If I don't do it, no one can do it." After being rejected, Jia Zhijun threatened. Guo Jianping said that he did not understand the meaning of this sentence at the time. Later, someone told him that "Siye Jia" was the fourth uncle of "Jia Qichang".

  At the end of March of the same year, Urad Qianqi organized forces to Jinshengda Mining to dismantle production workshops, explosives warehouses, and color steel rooms. The prior notice of administrative punishment made by the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Urad Front Banner on the enterprise indicated that the bureau determined that the enterprise was suspected of illegally occupying the grassland without the examination and approval of the grassland administrative department. On April 3 of the same year, Guo Jianping was detained by the Urad Qianqi police. On May 4 of the same year, he was arrested on suspicion of illegally occupying agricultural land.

  During the trial, Guo Jianping began to plead not guilty. He argued that it was the government's first word in attracting investment and promised to "get on the bus before making up the ticket." The state-owned land use permit and other procedures have not been completed, and it was not because of the enterprise.

  "I came to Urad Front Banner. I thought I came to dig Jinshan, but I didn't expect to be on a thief ship." Guo Jianping said that he was already suffering from severe diabetes and many other diseases. When he was in custody in the Urad Front Banner Detention Center, He was once incontinent and couldn't take care of himself. However, the leader of the detention center told him, "The leader of the banner did not agree with him to leave the detention center."

  He said that the judge had persuaded him that as long as he pleaded guilty and the sentence would not be too long, it would be good for his health. After that, he took the initiative to plead guilty. On February 27, 2019, he was sentenced to 11 months imprisonment by the Urad Front Banner Court and fined RMB 20,000. At present, Jinshengda Mining has been abandoned for more than eight years.

  "China News Weekly" sees from the indictment that behind Jia Zhijun's intentions in the mining of Urad Qianqi, there are Jia Jingbo and many members of the public security bureau of Urad Qianqi.

  The indictment shows that in 2017, Jia Jingbo and Li Rui provided Jia Zhijun with 900,000 yuan of operating funds for Jia Zhijun to monopolize the Urad Qianqi sandstone mine market. From 2017 to 2018, Jia Jingbo instructed Jia Zhijun to conduct organized bid-rigging, illegal mining and other illegal and criminal activities, and monopolize the Urad Qianqi sandstone mine market. Jia Jingbo instructed and condoned Jia Zhijun to obtain the right to mine sand and gravel mines in Urad Qianqi through collusive bidding, malicious transactions, etc., and monopolized and controlled the 4 sand and gravel plants that were only allowed to be opened in Urad Qianqi. Under the circumstances, illegal mining, sales of sand and gravel, and ore sales made illegal profits of more than 6 million yuan. Jia Jingbo instructed Chang Jianli, a member of the Public Security Bureau of Urad Qianqi, and Zhang Zhi, a civilian police officer, to help Jia Zhijun monopolize the Urad Qianqi sandstone mine market. After the Dongchuang incident, Jia Zhijun protected Jia Jingbo's career from being unaffected, and he was not subject to legal sanctions. Together with Chang Jianli, he instructed Wang Yonghe and Zhang Lincang to commit crimes and destroy the sand and gravel accounts.

  Local insiders told China News Weekly that Chang Jianli had been investigated. Jia Zhijun was arrested on September 17, 2019 by the Bayannaoer Supervision Committee on suspicion of corruption. On December 16, 2019, he was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Etuoke Banner on suspicion of provoking trouble and illegal mining.

Triad-related issues in the political and legal system are prominent

  An insider close to the Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau told China News Weekly that in the context of the eradication of evil, reports of Jia Jingbo were flying all over the world. Jia Jingbo also knew that something was wrong, and was busy transferring shares to wash himself. . At the same time, Jia Jingbo has convened members of the organization several times to form an offensive and defensive alliance against the organization to investigate.

  The above-mentioned insider told China News Weekly that in late June 2019, Jia Jingbo went to Hohhot to study. At that time, it was rumored that Jia Jingbo had been investigated. However, on July 2 of the same year, Jia Jingbo returned to Wulateqianqi and returned to work. "After Jia Jingbo's return, an incumbent chief official of the Urad Front Banner made a special trip to Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau to find the chief bureau leader. He said that Jia Jingbo was a good comrade and did a lot of work for the people. Jia's report is a false accusation."

  An insider close to the Inner Mongolia Commission for Discipline Inspection told China News Weekly that after Jia Jingbo’s divorce, he and a young female cadre of the Urad Front Banner government lived in a villa. Because of rumors at the time, Jia Jingbo gave the villa to the Female cadres. When handling the Jia Jingbo case, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region found the female cadre for questioning. The female cadre said that the villa had not been transferred to her, "Moreover, we are both divorced. It is normal to live together."

  On September 17, 2019, the Public Security Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region designated the Ordos City Public Security Bureau to cooperate with the Bayannaoer Discipline Inspection Commission to investigate and handle the duty crime case of Jia Jingbo and others. The Public Security Bureau of Ordos City designated the Etuoke Banner Public Security Bureau to host the case, and a total of 136 capable police officers were selected to form a task force to tackle the tough problems.

  On October 29, 2019, the website of the Supervision Commission of the Bayannaoer Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Jia Jingbo was subject to disciplinary review and supervision and investigation. On December 24, 2019, the Anti-criminal Office of the Public Security Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued a notice on the Internet about publicly collecting clues about the crimes of the gang-related criminal gang led by Jia Jingbo. According to the indictment, in just over a month, 191 clues were received reflecting the illegal crimes of the Jia Jingbo criminal group.

  On March 14, 2020, Jia Jingbo was detained, and 10 days later, he was arrested by the People's Procuratorate of Ordos City. Recently, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Committee reported on the WeChat official account that the task force has detected a total of 73 criminal cases involving Jia Jingbo and others involving criminals involving criminals and criminals. It was suspected of organizing leaders to participate in triad organizations, provoking quarrels, illegal detention, and illegal mining. For the crime, 69 criminal suspects were arrested, and the assets involved in the case were sealed, seized, and frozen, with a value of 1.452.5 billion yuan.

  In the case of Jia Jingbo's criminal involvement, the Public Security Bureau of Urad Qianqi also became the defendant. According to the indictment, when Jia Jingbo was the director of the Urad Qianqi Public Security Bureau, the bureau received 1.652 million yuan of "sponsorship" from four units including Urad Qianqi Rural Commercial Bank for the construction of police workstations. Manage and use. The prosecution believes that the bureau’s actions violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law and should be pursued for criminal responsibility for bribery by the unit. Jia Jingbo is the person in charge directly responsible and should be held criminally responsible for bribery by the unit.

  Three months before Jia Jingbo's fall, the 15th Central Supervision Group for Anti-gangs and Evils ended its one-month supervision work in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It pointed out that the construction of political and legal teams in the autonomous region was relatively prominent, and the combination of anti-gangs and anti-corruption was not tight enough. , Not enough to dig the "protective umbrella" behind the underworld.

  The Jia Jingbo case is only one of the officials investigated during the anti-corruption storm in the political and legal system of Inner Mongolia in the past two years. On July 27, the Qingshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection of Baotou City announced that Li Shuyao, a member of the Procuratorial Committee of the Procuratorate of Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone and the post prosecutor, was under investigation. On July 11, during the Wang Yongming trial, Li Shuyao, one of the prosecutors, was reported in court by lawyer Xi Xiangdong that he had accepted 300,000 yuan of bribes from Wang Yongming’s family.

  On October 25, 2018, Xing Yun, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, went down, and Xing Yun was the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Autonomous Region. After Xing Yun fell from the horse, the political and legal system of Inner Mongolia fluctuated frequently. Among them, the three deputy directors of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region are particularly eye-catching: on October 31, 2018, the former deputy director Meng Jianwei was investigated nearly a year after his retirement. The next day, Li Zhibin, the then deputy director, deputy mayor of Hohhot, and director of public security of Hohhot, hanged himself. On June 25, 2019, Zhao Yunhui, then deputy director, fell from the horse.

  According to incomplete statistics from the publicly available information, China News Weekly, since Xing Yun fell from the horse, many officials in the political and legal system of Inner Mongolia have encountered problems, involving the autonomous region, Hohhot, Tongliao City, Xing’an League, Baotou City, Xilin Gol League, Chifeng City and other multi-meng cities. Officials. Some of them surrendered, some committed suicide, and some were investigated. Among them, many of them have overlapping official careers, intertwined relationships, litigation, official and business, "platform" for evil forces, and "protective umbrella" for evil forces. .

  China News Weekly, Issue 28, 2020

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