Curry "Kokoichi" First store opened in India, first store opened 19:15 on August 3

The first store in Japan's largest curry chain has opened on the 3rd in the home of curry in India, and it is attracting attention as to whether Japanese curry is accepted in India.

"Curry House Coco Ichibanya" opened in the commercial district near the capital New Delhi.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it was opened about four months later than originally planned.

The ordering method for selecting the taste of curry and the spiciness according to the taste of the customer is the same as in Japan, but we also offer a menu not available in Japan, such as curry with Indian cheese.

On the 3rd, many customers visited immediately after the store opened and enjoyed the taste of Japanese curry.

An Indian male customer said, “It's a bit spicy but delicious. I ate Japanese curry for the first time, but it's very unique. I think Indians also like it.”

In addition, Hiroo Nakamura, COO, "Ichibanya India", who runs the shop, said, "I'm happy that many people come. I want Indians to know Japanese curry in the future."

Infection with the new coronavirus is spreading in India, and this store is taking measures such as keeping the number of seats at half, 30 seats, and making it possible to read the menu with a QR code.