The World Health Organization called on countries of the world to prepare for a "long-term" pandemic, and the World Health Organization indicated that the global level of risks for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) is very high, calling for a national, regional and international response.

In a statement, the WHO's Emergency Committee warned that the duration of the pandemic will be very long, and stressed that most of the world's population can be affected, even those who do not live in areas very affected by the epidemic.

The total confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) in the world reached 17 million, 853 thousand and 948 cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News Agency, and data showed that the corona virus (Covid-19) has killed 685 thousand and 102 people. The United States recorded 154,319 deaths, followed by Brazil (93,563 deaths) and Mexico (47,472 deaths), and then the United Kingdom (4,6119 deaths).

South African Minister of Health Zwaili Mkhizi announced that his country had counted 503,290 confirmed infections. The disease could claim between 40,000 and 50,000 people by the end of the year in the country, according to official forecasts.

South Africa alone contains more than half of the registered new infections in Coruna on the African continent.

In the Philippines, groups representing dozens of doctors prepared an open letter of "distress to the nation" in exchange for a health system described as overburdened.

Doctors have warned that their country is "losing the battle against Covid-19," noting the growing number of health workers who have contracted the disease or left their jobs. They pointed out that some of the overcrowded hospitals refuse to receive more patients.

The Philippine Department of Health said earlier that 34 health workers were among 2,039 people who died of the virus in the country.

In Europe, Norway expressed fear of a "new outbreak" of the virus after some 30 cases were discovered on a cruise ship. Several new hotspots were discovered this week in Mayenne, in western France, where masks will be imposed compulsorily from today in public places in 69 cities. And it became compulsory for passengers coming from 16 countries "dangerous" to the Paris airports to submit the result of an examination of the detection of "Covid-19" conducted less than 72 before the flight date, or to conduct an examination at the airport.

For its part, Belgium prevented "unnecessary travel" to a number of regions of Spain, Navarra, Aragon, Barcelona and Lerida in the region of Catalonia, and to the Lake Geneva region which includes the cantons of Vaud, Valais, Geneva and the French province of Mayen.

In Berlin, about 20,000 people demonstrated, in addition to anti-vaccine activists, supporters of "conspiracy theory" and supporters of the extreme right, to demand the abolition of binding measures to combat the "Covid-19" epidemic, before the police dispersed them because they had not been placed as masks. About 45 policemen were wounded during the protests.

Imposition of masks mandatory in 69 French cities as of today.

• 17.8 million cases of "Corona" around the world, and deaths exceed 685 thousand.

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