Former President Lee Teng-hui died, the US White House also made a statement, emphasizing support for Taiwan August 1, 17:02

Following the death of Taiwan's former President Lee Teng-hui, the US administration of Trump issued a statement to Secretary of State Pompei, followed by the White House, mourning its death and emphasizing its support for Taiwan.

The White House issued a statement on the 31st after the death of former Prime Minister Lee Teng-hui, in which he said, “I am sad about the news. I mourned the death."

Regarding former President Lee, "I was the first leader selected by the residents of Taiwan and retired due to the limitation of term. Taiwan's democratic mechanism designed by President Lee gives priority to the residents for the region and the world. It will be a shining example of a rule of excellence. People will outsmart former President Lee as a man who has strongly adhered to the principles of democracy and human dignity." did.

On the 30th, the United States also announced that Secretary of State Pompeio will make an extraordinary statement in memory of former Prime Minister Lee's death, emphasizing the idea of ​​strengthening relations with Taiwan.

The background of the White House's praise for the achievements of Prime Minister Lee is likely to be due to the strong control of China, which is in strong conflict.