• 'Royals'.Isabel of England: the rock of the Windsor is shaken by the weight of the sex scandal

A guard soldier who protects Queen Elizabeth of England has been arrested on charges of drug possession , according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail . The 19-year-old soldier was arrested after a quantity of white powder was found in one of the bathrooms of the guard room at St James's Palace in London, where he had been on duty.

According to the same publication, the Military Police searched his room and his car, located near Bukingham Palace, and found five bags of cocaine and four bags of ketamine among his possessions. The ketamine is a powerful anesthetic used both with humans and animals but is consumed as drug and produces hallucinations similar to those of LSD.

The escort is a member of the Coldstream Guard, the oldest continuous service regiment in the British Army, primarily dedicated to protecting the official residences of the British monarch, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor or the Tower of London. Its soldiers, dressed in red coats and a characteristic high black cap, are one of London's tourist attractions.

The military has stopped providing its services pending the result of the internal investigation that has been opened to clarify if it is a camel.

Queen Elizabeth has been confined in Windsor Castle since last March, together with the Duke of Edinburgh, before the coronavirus advanced. There she turned 94 years old.

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