China News Service, Beijing, July 31st (Reporter Lu Mei) The Fifth Beijing-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and "Creating Youth-Zhongguancun U30" sponsored by Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College, Beijing Taiwanese Enterprise Association and Haidian District Youth Federation "Taiwan's special event was officially launched in Beijing on the 31st.

  The Beijing-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been held for four consecutive times since 2016. "Creating Youth-Zhongguancun U30" is a scientific and technological innovation activity centered on Beijing Zhongguancun, which is the most dynamic in technological innovation. It selects outstanding young scientific and technological innovation talents from all over the country and abroad, supports innovative projects, and cultivates entrepreneurial teams. The organizer hopes that through the organic combination of the two events, a new platform for promoting the development of entrepreneurship and employment of Taiwanese youth in Beijing will be opened.

  According to reports, the participating projects in this competition will reflect the application of cutting-edge technologies such as medical care (epidemic prevention, Chinese and Western medicine, vaccines), artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, integrated circuits, Internet of Things, 5G, and chips in various fields of the national economy. New products, new formats, new services, new models.

  The competition is scheduled to be held in the finals simultaneously with "Creating Youth-Zhongguancun U30" in late September. There will be 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and a winning prize. The teams that enter the finals can go to Beijing to participate in exchange activities and establish cooperation channels with related institutions, associations and enterprises. One core player who won the first, second and third prizes can also participate in the "Creating Youth-Zhongguancun U30" related service matchmaking activities.

  The competition is divided into two divisions, Beijing and Taiwan. The deadline for registration in the Beijing competition area is August 20th. The scope of the competition includes companies registered in Taiwan or Taiwanese teams starting their businesses in the mainland, as well as incubating companies in bases (centers) of the sponsors nationwide. Any entrepreneurial team registered before December 31, 2019 (inclusive), established no more than 7 years, sales no more than 30 million yuan in 2019, and market financing not more than 50 million yuan since its establishment can register for the competition. Applicants can register through various forms such as logging on the official website of the organizer, organizer and supporting unit, following the WeChat official account, scanning the QR code, etc.

  The competition was organized by Beijing Yuanjian Incubator Technology Incubator Co., Ltd., Beijing Entrepreneurship Incubation Association, Beijing Taiwanese Enterprise Association Youth Association, Haidian District You30 Youth Service Center, Zhongguancun Entrepreneur Street, Entrepreneur Commune, TusStar and other units. (Finish)