The wife of the musician Andy Cartwright (real name - Alexander Yushko) Marina Kohal was detained on suspicion of the murder of her husband. This was reported by the press service of the Main Investigation Department of the RF IC for St. Petersburg.

Recall that on the evening of July 29, 2020, police officers found the dismembered body of rapper Andy Cartwright in an apartment on Nevsky Prospekt. The man's remains were in several packages. The couple's two-year-old child is currently with relatives.

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“At present, investigative actions are being carried out with the suspect. The investigation intends to petition the court for the selection of a preventive measure against her in the form of detention. A complex of investigative actions and operational-search measures is being carried out, aimed at clarifying all the circumstances of the incident. A complex of forensic examinations has been appointed, ”the press service said.

Earlier, the regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Murder".

Kohal herself previously claimed that she did not kill her husband, but only tried to hide his body after she found him dead. In order to make it easier to do this, the woman decided to dismember the corpse. She stated that she was going to tell everyone that Cartwright was missing.

Her lawyer Irina Skurtu commented on RT why her client did this.

“Marina lived in this apartment with Alexander for nine years. At some point, she found her husband dead and decided to hide this fact. She found a syringe next to the body and did not want everyone to know that her husband had died of drugs, as she then thought. Marina also feared that their two-year-old child would find out that his father had died so ingloriously. She was depressed and decided to hide the fact of her husband's death in such a strange way. She turned to me for help as a lawyer. I only found out on the spot what had happened and that there was a corpse in the apartment. I called the authorities, relayed the information, but I myself did not see anything and did not touch anything. I wasn't even sure if this was all true. The police who arrived confirmed Marina's words - parts of her husband's body were in the apartment, ”says RT to Skurtu.

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According to her, after that she asked Marina to call close relatives to take the child with them. Until five in the morning, investigative actions were carried out in the apartment. According to Skurtu, Marina was initially a witness in the case.

“She is in an emaciated state - she did not sleep or eat for five days. Marina claims that she carried out all the actions with Alexander's body herself and no one helped her in this. Marina's mother did not participate in the dismemberment of the corpse. The woman came to her daughter's apartment and walked with the child on the street for a long time. When Marina's mother found out about the incident, she persuaded her daughter to tell everything to the authorities. But both women considered that dismemberment was a separate crime, and Marina's mother, like herself, of course, did not want to go to prison, '' Skurt told RT.

According to the lawyer, Marina was also tested for psychotropic substances, but the results of the analysis are not yet ready. According to the lawyer, Kohal behaves adequately and does not give the impression of a drug user.

Skurtu suggested that the rapper could have died from poisoning. This would explain the foam at the mouth. According to the musician's widow, she saw foam in the mouth when she found her husband's corpse. Also, the lawyer does not exclude that a heart attack could become the cause of Yushko's death.

In turn, Yushko's mother Valentina believes that her son did not die of a drug overdose, but became a victim of murder. According to her, the man did not use drugs. As she told, in the last conversation three weeks ago, Alexander told his mother that he intends to return to Ukraine.

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“He said that he plans to return and his wife also wants to move. They had a normal relationship. Although I never saw her live, we often talked. They mainly talked about the grandson, ”Valentina Yushko told reporters.

A friend of the deceased, Alexei Ziganshin, also doubted the version with drugs, but admitted that the rapper had problems with alcohol.