Speculation about Amazon's interest in Sweden has existed for several years and many have believed that an establishment could radically change Swedish trade. Now several sources state that the launch will soon be over, DN reports.

Erik Wisterberg, reporter at Svenska Dagbladet, has long followed the development.

- It would make a big difference if they build a warehouse here and start with their super fast deliveries. Then there is a great chance that they will grab a larger market share, he says.

Mats Hedenström, head of business policy at Swedish Trade, believes that the legislation on digital platforms must be updated before Amazon's possible launch:

- I do not think that our members should be afraid of Amazon, but they should be afraid that we will get a distortion of competition.

Amazon does not currently confirm or deny these plans.

Hear Erik Wisterberg and Mats Hedenström about the speculations in the clip above.