China News Service, July 30. According to a report by the American Overseas Chinese News Network, recently, there have been a number of vehicle crashes in outdoor dining areas in New York City. For this reason, Chinatown blocked the upper and lower intersections, banned vehicle entry and exit, and increased outdoor dining areas.

  According to amNY, 10 restaurants on the road between Lower Manhattan, Mott Street, Worth Street and Mosco Street in New York City are all in front of the door An outdoor dining area was built so that customers can enjoy Asian cuisine.

  On July 10, New York City entered the third phase of the restart, allowing restaurants to build outdoor dining areas on the street in front of the door. The Department of Transportation also authorized the closure of the streets, but Rockwell Group and New York City's outdoor dining organization (Dine Out NYC) has tried to make outdoor dining more lively and safer.

  David Rockwell, the architect who helped set up Dine Out NYC, said: "I think outdoor dining will continue into autumn. Restaurant owners are thinking about how to make outdoor dining more Interesting, we will see more creative outdoor dining areas.” Rockwell said that now that the street is closed, the outdoor dining area in front of the restaurant is already safe enough to protect customers.

  The visual design of the outdoor dining area on the section between Waffle Street and Moskow Street in Be Street was completed by a local artist and several students from Transfiguration School.

  Artist Sammi Qu-Kwok was born and grew up in Chinatown. Her family runs a restaurant near Be Street. She used dumplings and cloisonné as elements to complete the visual design of the outdoor dining area. The New York City outdoor dining organization is also participating in the design of outdoor dining areas in other cities. (Sun Hui)