U.S. GDP announced tonight record prospect of decline New corona impact July 30 8:25

The growth rate of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) from April to June in the United States, which will be announced on the night of 30th Japan time, is expected to drop by a record due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Fed Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, the central bank, expressed strong concern that a prolonged economic downturn could further widen the economic gap.

The US GDP preliminary figures for April to June will be announced at 9:30 pm on the 30th of Japan time.

For the past three months, economic activity has almost stopped due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the GDP growth rate is estimated to be about 35% of the quarterly annualized rate compared to the previous three months. It is expected to be the worst since 1947, when we started collecting statistics.

"This recession does not affect all Americans equally," said Fed Chairman Powell at a press conference on March 29. Heavily weighted to those working in relatively low-paying industries such as restaurants and hotels. I said.

In the United States, the spread of infection has not stopped, and the pace of economic recovery is expected to slow down from this month, and Chairman Powell's remark further widens the economic gap where the prolonged economic downturn has become a problem in the United States. It is a concern that there is a fear.

At the press conference, Chairman Powell said he needed continued economic and financial support, but the path to a steady recovery is uncertain.