French Le Point magazine said that billionaire Donald Trump - who became President of the United States - was very interested in protecting his back after his hot divorce from his first wife Ivana Zelnisk, known for her ambition and fiery temperament, and negotiated early to preserve his interests and image.

The magazine reviewed what Paris Match revealed this week that Trump took the initiative to prevent his first wife, the Czech supermodel who shared his life from 1977 to 1992, from speaking or slandering him after a hot divorce that occupied the yellow headlines for several months.

The magazine pointed out that everything was prepared for him since their marriage so that the lawyers could not find any outlet, so that Ivana would get 10 thousand dollars upon divorce, an amount that she managed to increase to 10 million after 6 negotiating rounds, but with the signing of a very strict clause regarding confidentiality.

In the "Parry Match" article for a woman who still calls herself "The First Lady of Trump," the magazine said that "under the terms of divorce, she (Ivana) must ask her ex-husband for permission before making any statement related to their common years."

According to the magazine, Ivana Trump - who was like her husband, very ambitious, conservative, quarrelsome and unscrupulous and worked tirelessly - contributed greatly to the years of the pride of the real estate mogul, and took pictures of her with her three children in glamorous hotel suites, and she walked alongside her husband on the red carpet with her dresses High-end.

Lubuan relayed this woman who lived under the yoke of communism and dreamed of wealth "If you are not the best, what is the benefit of living?", And when her husband leaves her for the beauty queen Marla Maples, Ivana turns to the popular press to get from her husband $ 14 million instead of 10 million, with Many real estate have 650 thousand dollars a year as a pension for their children.

The newspaper commented that it was through this deal that it became wealthy, and took advantage of these sudden gains to launch a group of clothes and cosmetic shops, and kept its promise not to reveal what was behind the scenes of her marriage to Trump.

And the only time she tried to cross the yellow line in her book "For Love Alone" in the 1990s, Trump's attorneys reminded her of it, she understood the message and reviewed what she wrote again.

In her latest book, Raising Trump, released 3 years ago, Ivana contented itself with miraculous recipe in order to make your children tomorrow's leaders by inculcating the values ​​of “Trump children,” and expressed her conviction that her daughter Ivanka - who is currently working as a counselor for her father - will one day become What President of the United States.

He is a genius

The newspaper pointed out that Trump did not find a better ambassador than Ivana to pay tribute to his benefits and if he had paid dearly for her services as some say, she said about him in the program "Good Morning Britain" in 2018 "he is really genius, he is very stable, very focused, very organized And when he set a goal he achieved, he treated me very well, I had no problem, he was always polite and honest, he always provided our needs. "

With all this flattery for Trump, Ivana was sprinkling her poison in the face of others, as she looks at his second wife, Marla Maples, as a "show girl". As for his current wife, Melania says she does not envy her place, adding that she is aware of her story, so she tried to renegotiate with her husband. On a more beneficial divorce contract, just before she entered the White House.