Mailis Penttilä, who is familiar with the entire Finland baking series, says that he went to Instagram to remove his lip filling. Penttilä, which has recently celebrated its 30th birthday, has had to visit to remove fillers several times.

- I'm going one more time poistattamaan huulitäytteitä when not recently received everything from there to leave, Penttilä told in the video before the operation.

He later showed his followers the outcome of his lips. He released two videos, the first taken on July 17 and the second today on Wednesday.

- At the moment, I like these lips quite insanely. The lower lip is still a little swollen after that recent removal. I go one more time to show these to the plastic surgeon, and let’s see that everything is fine, he says.

Image before removing lip fillings.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram

Image after operations.

Photo: Mailis Penttilä's Instagram

Penttilä became known for the Whole Finland Baking series in 2013. She also competed for the 2016 Miss Helsinki title. At that time, Jessica Ruokola won the race. Penttilä turned 30 at the beginning of July.

Since then, Penttilä has become a popular Finnish person, followed by more than 34,000 people on Instagram. Today, Penttilä spends her housewife's daily life with her millionaire spouse Pekka Koskinen, who works in the IT industry.

The couple lives cohabiting in Helsinki. Penttilä has said before that he will take care of the couple's home and Koskinen will work.

- I am currently a home as a wife. I take care of the home, which includes all the basic stuff: I clean, do the laundry, go shopping, cook and take care of our dog, Penttilä said last year on his Youtube channel.

- In addition to these, I have a lot of free time, which I use for training, for example.

Pictured is Mailis Penttilä with his loved one Pekka last summer.

Photo: Viena Kytöjoki

Penttilä is also known as a passionate baker and he often makes great treats, which he presents with his Instagram account. Penttilä has also donated his bakeries to charity.