Officially announced that the United States will cut US troops stationed in Germany. As President Trump mentions only the cost of defense due to the reduction, there is growing concern that we, like Germany, are following the same process.

Correspondent Kim Yun-su reports from Washington.


US Secretary of Defense Esper said in an official briefing that he would cut a third of US troops stationed in Germany.

[Esper/U.S. Defense Secretary: US troops stationed in Europe have decided to coordinate 1,900 troops in Germany. (The US Army in Germany) will be reduced from 36,000 to 24,000.]

Among the troops, 6,400 will be returned to their home countries and the rest will be relocated to other European countries.

It's been less than two months after the announcement that President Trump ordered US troops to be cut earlier last month.

President Trump repeatedly emphasized the issue of defense costs because of the reduction.

The members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization decided to increase defense spending by 2% of gross domestic product, but Germany said it was not increasing and even said it would not be a'hoku' anymore.

[Trump/US President: Germany is not paying. Why should we leave our troops? I don't want to be'Hogu' anymore. The United States has been in use for 25 years.] In terms of

defense costs, Korea is no different.

The gap between Korea and the United States, which claims to increase by 50% and 1.5 trillion won from the previous year, and by 13%, is not narrowing.

As President Trump has been struggling with the presidential election ahead of November's election, there are concerns that for the time being, the concern that South Korea will be the next target for securing presidential performance will continue.