The Premier League is one of the strongest and richest leagues in Europe, and teams like Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham have a group of the most expensive players in the world.

And the Spanish newspaper "Marca" monitored the most expensive 5 players in the Premier League, according to the classification of the German "transfer market" specializing in football economics, and determining the market values ​​of the players, as follows:

Raheem Stirling (128 million euros):
the England national football team, Manchester City team and the Premier League this season, has played a special season, playing 50 games in all competitions, for a total of 3816 minutes, and scored 30 goals with 9 assists.

Since Stirling joined City from Liverpool in 2015, he has played 241 games, scored 99 goals, has 74 assists, and what is curious is that his current market value is 3 times the amount that City paid to the Reds to complete his transfer to Manchester.

Sadio Mane (120 million euros):
The Senegalese star helped crown Liverpool, the English Premier League, this season scored 22 goals in addition to 12 assists in 3720 minutes over 47 games in all competitions.

Mane has played 170 games since joining Liverpool in 2016, scoring 81 goals, and having 34 assists, and his great brilliance in the last two seasons has increased his price dramatically, an increase of 80 million euros over the amount that Liverpool paid when he signed him.

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Mohamed Salah (120 million euros):
The Egyptian star scored 23 goals during 47 games last season, providing his teammates with 13 decisive passes, and the latest big boom since he joined Liverpool from Italy in 2017 for only 42 million euros.

Salah became one of the most prominent stars in the English Premier League and the world after a wonderful career with the Reds, during which he played 152 games, scored 94 goals, and had 41 assists.

Harry Kane (120 million euros): He
is Tottenham's top scorer and the England national team, and despite his return from injury he contributed to his team's qualification for the European League with its goal in the last match against Crystal Palace.

Ken Tottenham participated in 287 games, during which he scored 188 goals, and contributed to 30 others with decisive passes.

Kevin de Bruyne (120 million euros):
The Belgian star is one of the pillars on which coach Pep Guardiola built Manchester City, the only player who achieved the achievement of former French star Terry Henry, by surpassing 20 assists in one season in the Premier League.

De Bruyne has participated in 220 appearances for Manchester City in which he scored 56 goals, and has 89 assists.