China News Service, Huizhou, July 28th, title: "Sixth Hard-Bone Company" has built a strong company record (1): Responsible to the party

  Author Su Dong Zhao Qinghua Song Xiujie

  In the hinterland of Lingnan in July, the scorching sun was fierce. A five-kilometer armed cross-country competition in a certain "hard-boned six company" of the 74th Army was underway. The most eye-catching squad was the one that always maintained the lead. The "hard-bone Sixth Company" battle flag was the first to cross the finish line. Walking off the training ground, Feng Jie, the instructor of the company, said: "At the beginning of this year, Chairman Xi wrote us back, encouraging us to keep in mind the goal of strengthening the army, inherit the red gene, and carry forward the'hard-boned spirit'. During the revolutionary war, we had a firm conviction. From the smoke of war, we must inherit the gene of loyalty to follow the party, and be the'hard-boned' fighters who obey and follow the party!"

The picture shows the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company undergoing actual combat training. Photo by Zhang Yongjin

  The hard-bone fighters always face the party, and the "hard" character war flag is red. In the interview with the "hard-boned six company", one feeling became more and more profound: the "hardness" of the six company is a kind of hardship that the party flag refers to and the military flag points to. For more than 80 years, the officers and soldiers' loyalty in observing and following the party has not changed, setting up a never-fading banner for the entire army.

The picture shows the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company tempered their military skills in a complex climate. Photo by Zhang Yongjin

  The idea of ​​strengthening the army has blossomed and is deeply rooted in the party

  There is such a long-received sentence in the "Hard-boned Sixth Company": "The iron heart follows the party's command, and never yields to the hard-boned." Liulian is a melting pot of ideas, where it has firmed up its ideals and beliefs, and made many achievements in growth and progress. In recent years, 5 people in the company have been tested and promoted, 6 people have been commended as outstanding Communists, and 6 retired fighters have taken up posts in government units.

The picture shows Liulian insisting on strict training of traditional subjects, photo by Li Bin

  Stick to the original heart and be tough, everyone is a narrator

  The "Tough Sixth Company" is a company with a glorious history that dared to fight tough, bad and win battles. History is the best textbook. Learn about traditions and talk about company history. The officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company are not only cherished by fine traditions, but also familiar with company history. Everyone is a narrator. Through explanations, the officers and soldiers have strengthened their emotional roots and planted loyalty. seed. The instructor Feng Jie said that the "hard-bone six companies" not only have a glorious history and outstanding military exploits, but also a crop of officers and soldiers who use practical actions to write today's stories and tomorrow's company history.

The picture shows the instructor Feng Jie and officers and soldiers learning from Chairman Xi’s reply to the company. Photo by Zhang Yongjin

  "Mission" weighs thousands of pounds and everyone is striving to be a "torchbearer"

  In recent years, the "Six Hard-Bone Companies" have repeatedly participated in supporting local rescue and disaster relief operations, fighting against the "Sangmei" typhoon, Hangzhou Anti-Snow, and Yuhang blocking the breach. They have always raised the interests of the people above their heads, and they have taken the lead in the face of danger. Fearing to charge forward, using practical actions to show the people's army's selfless feelings of loving the people, fulfilling the original mission of the people's army; successfully completing major training tasks for many times, exploring the formation of more than 10 types of battlefield information sharing, close fire support, etc. New tactics...

  The battle flag has a soul, and the hero has a successor. Loyal to the party and obeying the party's commands have become a kind of character, which has been integrated into the "hard bone" blood. In 2019, the company was commended by the Army as a "Practice of Strong Army Target Model Unit". Today, the new generation of Six Company has taken over the predecessor’s battle flag, with the iron-blooded passion of "loyal to the party, overcoming all difficulties", and the "hard bone" spirit. Carry forward! (Finish)