Chinanews, July 28th, a comprehensive report, less than 100 days before the US presidential election, a number of polls show that the Democratic presidential candidate Biden in Michigan, Florida and Arizona all overtake President Trang. general. In the 2016 election, all three key states were won by Trump.

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  According to a poll conducted by SSRS, an investigative agency commissioned by CNN, in the three key swing states that Trump won in 2016, namely Florida, Arizona, and Michigan, he is 5% behind Biden. , 4% and 12%.

  A joint poll conducted by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Marist College (Marist) also shows that Biden's approval rate in Arizona has risen from 45% to 50%. CBS and YouGov polls show that Biden leads Trump by 6 percentage points in Michigan.

  The polling agency pointed out that Trump's response to the new crown epidemic and the impact of the epidemic on the economy are one of the reasons why he is behind Biden.

  With the epidemic under control in Europe, the number of cases in the United States continues to increase. There have been more than 4 million confirmed cases of coronary disease and nearly 150,000 deaths, highlighting the government's ineffectiveness in fighting the epidemic. In addition, the recent large-scale anti-racism and police violent law enforcement demonstrations have also caused Trump to lose a lot of support. Most Asian voters believe that Biden will perform better than Trump in dealing with the coronavirus and racial issues.

  The US presidential election will be held on November 3. In the case of a hundred days before the general election, there may still be variables during the period, and all predictions are too early.

Data map: US President Trump.

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  However, Trump still firmly believes that he can be re-elected. He said on the 26th that "the silent majority will speak out on November 3rd. Wrong polls and fake news cannot save the extreme left."

  Republican analyst Wilson pointed out that if the epidemic in the United States improves by October, "today's poll may not be of much significance." Democratic analyst Coffin Nis said that if a general election is held today, the Democratic Party will be in a favorable position, "but the problem is that the election is not today, and its uncertainty is too great."

  In addition, as the polling day gets closer, the specific arrangements for the election have also attracted more and more attention from outsiders. Due to the serious epidemic in the United States, many states have relaxed their mail voting policy this time. 179 million voters in 41 states can choose to vote by mail without a reason. The 54 million voters in the remaining 9 states need to submit a declaration for fear of infection Voting can be mailed for reasons other than those.

  The Democratic Party is also doing its best to promote postal voting and simplifying procedures. For example, ballots do not require the signature of a certifier, allowing third parties to vote on their behalf, and hope to ensure that all eligible ballots sent on or before the election day will be valid, even if the post office delays fail. It’s okay to arrive at the Election Committee on election day. The Democratic Party and civil rights groups have filed related lawsuits in 10 states.

  Trump has always strongly opposed mail voting, claiming that this method will lead to election fraud. In addition, he firmly believes that his supporters are more passionate than Biden's supporters and are more inclined to take risks to vote. Republicans and conservative groups have also acted to prevent the success of the Democratic Party through legal means. The Republican National Congress (RNC) and others have pledged to allocate 20 million US dollars for related litigation costs.