(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) General news: Dalian epidemic spreads to 5 provinces, Urumqi, new confirmed cases hit a new high in this epidemic

  China News Service, Beijing, July 28. The number of newly confirmed cases in mainland China continued to rise on the 27th. Among them, 57 new cases were added in Urumqi, setting a new high for the epidemic. Beijing has added a new local confirmed case related to the Dalian epidemic. So far, the Dalian epidemic has spread to five provinces including Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian and Beijing.

New confirmed cases in mainland China continue to climb, Dalian epidemic spreads to 5 provinces

  The National Health Commission of China notified on the 28th that on the 27th, 68 new cases were confirmed in mainland China, including 4 imported cases (2 in Shanghai, 1 in Beijing and Yunnan), and 64 local cases (57 in Xinjiang, 6 in Liaoning) Cases, 1 case in Beijing), a total of 2053 confirmed imported cases overseas. On that day, 34 cases of asymptomatic infections were newly added, 24 cases were confirmed cases, and 306 cases of asymptomatic infections were still under medical observation.

  As of 24:00 on the 27th, there were 391 confirmed cases in Mainland China, 78,934 were cured and discharged, 4,634 died, and 83,959 confirmed cases were reported. A total of 3286 confirmed cases have been notified from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (2778 in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 46 in Macau Special Administrative Region, and 462 in Taiwan).

  After the newly confirmed cases (61 cases) on the 27th hit a new high since April 14th, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Mainland China continued to rise on the 28th (68 cases). A confirmed case related to the Dalian epidemic emerged in Beijing that day, and the spread of the Dalian epidemic was expanded to five provinces including Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian and Beijing.

Newly confirmed cases in Urumqi hit a new high for this epidemic, the flow of work is still in progress

  The Health Commission of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region informed that 57 new confirmed cases in Xinjiang on the 27th (18 cases of asymptomatic infection were transferred to be diagnosed), all in Urumqi, this is also the new high of Urumqi’s new confirmed cases in this epidemic .

  There were 13 new cases of asymptomatic infection in Xinjiang that day, including 11 cases in Urumqi City and 2 cases in Changji Prefecture (imported from Urumqi City). As of 24:00 on the 27th, Xinjiang has 235 confirmed cases (233 in Urumqi), 165 asymptomatic infections (162 in Urumqi), and 8,809 people are still under medical observation.

  Urumqi notified the first confirmed case of this epidemic on the 16th. In the past 12 days, the number of newly confirmed cases showed a fluctuating and rising trend, and it continued to rise in the last 4 days (20 cases on 24th, 22 cases on 25th, 41 cases on 26th, 27 57 cases per day). The Urumqi Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that since the existing confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections are all under intensive medical observation, the overall situation in Urumqi is under control. Please don’t panic.

  At present, the Urumqi city and district disease control departments have selected more than 100 professionals to carry out detailed and efficient epidemiological investigations to identify the infection chain as soon as possible to ensure that no one is missed.

4 new cases of seafood company-related cases in Dalian

  On the 27th, Liaoning Province added 6 newly confirmed cases and 12 cases of asymptomatic infection, all of which were reported by Dalian City.

  The Dalian Municipal Health Commission said on the 28th that the 6 newly confirmed cases in Dalian were all previously reported asymptomatic infections who were transferred to the diagnosis. Two of them are employees and family members of a seafood company, two are close contacts of the company's employees and their family members, and the other two are residents of Dalian Bay Street. As of 24:00 on the 27th, Dalian had reported a total of 44 confirmed cases in this epidemic, of which 32 were employees and family members of the same seafood company, 4 were close contacts of the company's employees and their families, and 8 were residents of Dalian Bay Street.

  With the launch of large-scale nucleic acid screening, the daily nucleic acid collection volume in Dalian has risen rapidly. As of 24:00 on the 27th, a total of 2.96 million samples have been sampled.

  Beijing's record of zero new additions for 21 consecutive days was interrupted on the 27th. On the same day, Beijing added 2 new confirmed cases, including 1 imported from abroad and 1 local case related to the Dalian epidemic.

  Beijing officials stated on the 28th that they must strictly implement medical observation measures for people entering Beijing and those entering Beijing from high-risk areas, and achieve closed-loop management, which is scientific, accurate and effective. It is necessary to continue to strengthen the supervision of imported cold-chain food, and for food processing enterprises operating frozen seafood and meat, it is necessary to do a good job in testing institutions and establish a system for inspection. At the same time, residents are required in principle not to travel to high-risk areas.

China pays 1.232 billion yuan for medical insurance for confirmed and suspected patients, officials will strengthen prevention and control measures for autumn and winter epidemics

  The National Medical Insurance Administration of China said on the 28th that as of July 19, 135,500 medical insurance settlements occurred in confirmed and suspected patients with new coronary pneumonia across the country, involving medical expenses of 1.847 billion yuan, medical insurance payments of 1.232 billion yuan, and the payment ratio reached 67%.

  At a briefing held by the State Council Information Office on the same day, the National Development and Reform Commission stated that the total amount of investment in public health-related projects in the central budget in 2020 will be twice that of 2019. In the future, it will support the transformation and upgrading of each province 1 to 3 All major epidemic treatment bases.

  In response to how to curb the spread of the epidemic in the upcoming autumn and winter, Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission, said that it is necessary to study and formulate specific measures to strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in autumn and winter in combination with the seasonal characteristics of the high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in autumn and winter, and take more Targeted measures to curb the spread and spread of the epidemic.

  Wang Hesheng said that in order to prevent and control the fall and winter epidemics, the whole country is making preparations. With the experience and foundation accumulated in the previous period, I believe it can be handled well. (Finish)