Today (28th), we will tell from the news that the blue light has turned on for national security and space development in Korea. In the meantime, one of the sensitive issues between us and the United States was the missile guidelines. The guidelines had restrictions that prevented us from using solid fuel in our rockets, which were released today. Space development could become more active and launch a unique military reconnaissance satellite necessary for security.

First, today's report from the Blue House, reporter Jung Yoon-sik will summarize.

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2nd Deputy Director of National Security Office Kim Hyun-jong of the Blue House said today that restrictions on the use of solid fuel in space launch vehicles have been lifted as of today.

[Kim Hyun-jong/Chief of the Blue House National Security Office: The adoption of a revised missile guideline for 2020, which will completely lift restrictions on the use of solid fuel for space launch vehicles. You can freely research, develop, manufacture and retain space launch vehicles without any restrictions.]

The US-ROK Missile Directive, which was first adopted in 1979, has placed certain restrictions on the propulsion power of space launch engines.

So, in fact, only liquid fuel could be used, and this shackle was released.

Deputy General Manager Hyun-jong Kim explained the meaning of this amendment, saying, “Our country has had a shortage of eyes and ears, even though we have invested nearly 50 trillion won in defense budget.”

[Kim Hyun-jong / Cheong Wa Dae National Security Office, Second Section: We have this ability to shoot low-orbit military reconnaissance satellites with our own hands whenever and wherever needed.

" "If we launch multiple low-orbit military reconnaissance satellites, our intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities will dramatically increase."

The growth of the domestic space industry was also expected.

This is because, like other space-developed countries, the government and the private sector are free to use both liquid, solid, liquid and solid fusion fuels.

Solid fuel rockets are simple in structure and cost one-tenth that of liquid fuel.

Private companies will also open the way to research and develop various types of space launch vehicles.

The revision of the Korea-US missile guidelines is the result of negotiations over the past nine months after President Moon Jae-in ordered the first revision in October last year.

Nothing has been offered to the United States as a counter-payment, and Kim Jong-jong emphasized that it has nothing to do with negotiating defense contributions.

(Video coverage: Jo Jung-young and Jeil, Video editing: Choi Jin-hwa) 

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