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Democratic Party adopted the National Assembly hearing report against Park Ji-won, the sole proprietor, today (28th). President Moon Jae-in immediately re-assigned the proposal. In response to this, the United Nations asked for a national investigation, saying it had to address the so-called'backside agreement' suspicion that it would give North Korea three billion dollars during the inter-Korean summit in 2000.

Reporter Kim Min-jung was covered.

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Party requested a National Assembly investigation into Park Suwon's candidate for the National Intelligence Service's "suspect suspicion for $3 billion."

He also insisted that the appointment of candidate Park be reserved until the authenticity of the'backside agreement document' was overlooked.

[Hohoyoung/Representative of the Future Consolidation Party: It will not take long to confirm, as the head of the National Intelligence Service at the time of Seo Hoon is now the President's Security Officer.]

Hoon-young Joo said about the source of the document, "I had to bring it to the office from a former high-ranking official who was unbelievable."

The Democratic Party rejected the request for an investigation, and in the afternoon, held a Congressional Intelligence Committee meeting without the United Party and adopted the HR hearing report.

[Kim Byung-ki/Democratic Party Member (Ministry of the Information Committee): The opposition party could not postpone the appointment because it could not provide any other evidence.

” ·I will review the legal measures as fabricated.”

In addition, as a result of inquiring to the North Korean special envoy at the time, he claimed that he had been confirmed to be "not in memory or not true" and asked the deputy representative of the state "to reveal the real name of the reporter."

Some politicians have argued to look at undisclosed Presidential Records to cover the authenticity of the document. Related laws allow for reading in favor of more than two-thirds of the members of the National Assembly, but the Democratic Party is negative.

Immediately after receiving the hearing report, President Moon Jae-in appointed candidate Park to be head of the National Intelligence Service.

(Video coverage: Hyunsang Kim · Seunghwan Lee, Video editing: Seontak Kim)