Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, July 27 - Question: battle flag fluttering cast Loyal - Army 74 Army brigade "hard bone sixth" excellent company forging a comprehensive documentary

  Li Qinghua, Zhang Shengtao, Zhang Shouwei

  What the party flag refers to and where the battle flag is.

  Brave and tenacious, determined to win.

  On January 18 this year, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, wrote back to all officers and soldiers of the “hard-boned six company” of a certain brigade of the 74th Group Army, encouraging them to keep in mind the goal of strengthening the army, pass on the red gene, and practice hard to win. The "hard-bone spirit" is carried forward and the company is built even stronger.

  Entering the new era, this company, which was awarded the honorary titles of "Heroic Sixth Company" and "Heroic Sixth Company" by the Ministry of National Defense and the Central Military Commission in 1964 and 1985, respectively, has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's thoughts on strengthening the army, and worked hard to forge the "Three Excellent" basic level. In the 81 years since its establishment, generations of officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company have used their blood and lives to condense into the “three strengths” of ruthlessness that overwhelms all enemies, indomitable tenacity, and stamina to the end. The "hard-bone spirit" of "four excellent" has added new style to the battle flag.

  Revolutionary soldiers have a heart for the party, and fight for their loyal souls. On the eve of August 1st, reporters walked into this honorary company, which is well-known throughout the army, to look for the power that forged the "hard-boned spirit."

"Hardcore spirit": Hardness is on the loyal soul

  The "hardness" of the "hard-bone spirit" lies in ideals and convictions, in observing the party's orders, and in hard work.

  In March 1939, with 14 Red Army fighters as the backbone, the "hard-boned six company" was established in Xiong County, Hebei. Whether it was during the war years or during the peace building period, the firm belief that iron hearts followed the party has always been the "lifeblood" and "lifeline" of the officers and soldiers of this company. In the new era of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army, they even regarded it as a "heirloom" forging a comprehensive and capable company from generation to generation.

  A pennant, a picture, a battle case, a piece of real object, walk into the "Hard Bones Six Company" honor room, history echoes here: 161 large and small shells survived in 161 battles, cast one The "hard-bone heroes" group sculptures: "special combat heroes" Liu Sihu, Yin Yufen and other heroes and models stand tall. They are monuments of the "hard-bone spirit".

  In the defense battle of Yan'an, Yin Yufen led the troops to repel the enemy's 6 consecutive attacks. With his right heel being blown up and his lower abdomen cut open by shrapnel, he still insisted on fighting. After the battle, Yin Yufen was awarded the "Prime Fighting Hero". After that, Yin Yufen, who returned to work in farming, served as the party branch secretary in the village. Disabled and determined, he has listened to and followed the party all his life, serving the people wholeheartedly until the last moment of his life.

  Ideals are the banner high, and beliefs are the torch. The firm conviction to listen to the party and follow the party has created the company’s "hard-bone spirit", carved into the blood and soul of a crop of officers and soldiers, and guided the company's comprehensive construction.

  "Walking into the Sixth Company Gate, you will always be a member of the Sixth Company; the soul of the Sixth Company will be inscribed, and you will never forget your roots." In the Sixth Company, whenever a recruit is enlisted and a cadre is appointed, the first thing he does is to visit the honor room of the company and read the first thing. A book is the history of company heroes. The first song I sang is "Where are the hard bones?" The first movie I watched is "The Hard Bones Forever". The first slogan shouted was the company battle oath.

  The head geese take the lead, and the group of geese fly high. The Party branch of the "Hard-Bone Sixth Company" has always played the role of a battle fortress. Party members and cadres take the heavy burden and rush to the front for every urgent, difficult, and difficult task; every time the martial arts assessment, the party members and cadres stand in the first row, run the first baton, and shoot the first shot; every time the difficult and difficult subjects are trained, the party members and cadres must Drive the first car, ride the first boat, be the first climb...

  In June 2017, the company followed orders from Hangzhou, which had been stationed for 42 years, to move to the Lingnan village thousands of miles away. What the party flag refers to and where the battle flag is. Facing the conflicts and difficulties such as the geographical gap and separation of relatives, the officers and soldiers of the entire company set off with their backpacks, and trained after putting down their backpacks, successfully completing the transfer and defense tasks.

"Hardcore spirit": Hard is hard to win

  The "hardness" of the "hard-bone spirit" is hard on the battlefield, hard on the game, hard on the training ground. Whether it is the test of blood and fire on the battlefield, or the competition between winning and losing, the indomitable spirit of revolutionary heroism has always been the charge that inspires the officers and soldiers of the "hard-boned six company" to victory.

  "The heroic deeds of the ancestors shocked me and made me feel the great responsibility. When the war comes, I must fight to the end like the ancestors." Monitor Yang Shulin said.

  In April 2013, when climbing a ladder in a military demonstration exercise, Yang Shulin accidentally fell, and his right forearm fell heavily on the stone, and he immediately couldn't move with pain. His comrades persuaded him to withdraw from the drill, but he resolutely said: "I didn't cut off my right hand. What are you afraid of!" He endured the severe pain, holding a gun in his left, leaping forward, lying down, and crawling, completing a series of tactical moves with high standards. After the drill, it was found that his arm had a comminuted fracture.

  Walking into the "Hard Bones Six Company", what you see is the background color of "red", the smell of "war", and the breath of "hard". Here, squad and squad fighting, platooning and platooning resistance, advocating heroes and striving to be heroes have become a trend among officers and soldiers. Company Commander Zhao Song was injured in training and had a steel nail implanted in his left hand. He was the first in the brigade to pass the military sports "Special Level 3" assessment with his perseverance and hard work. Instructor Xiong Wei participated in the "Four Conferences" political instructor contest and passed all the way through and won the championship. Non-commissioned officer branch member Tang Xiong is not only a company equipment teaching expert and cadre helper, but also an all-round "gold medal instructor" of the brigade.

  In July 2018, the coach Wang Donglin participated in the international military competition. Faced with a brand-new professional and strong opponent, he started from scratch and worked hard. With the high temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius in the car, he practiced his skills and competed on the same stage with elites from all over the world. Together with the members of the car team, he won the first place. Third place in the team. He said: "A foreign game is a battlefield, even if I fight to the death, I will never smash the gold medal of the'hard-boned six companies'."

  "Carrying the red flag to enter Lingnan, and entering Lingnan to carry the red flag." For the first time in the group army "Lingnan Leading Soldiers" contest, the "hard-boned Sixth Company" won first place. In the past three years, 16 of them have won gold and silver in competitions above the group army, and 19 have broken the brigade record.

"Hardcore spirit": Hardness lies in tenacious style

  The "hardness" of the "hard-bone spirit" is hard on blood, hard on style, hard on the iron age.

  A curved bayonet is displayed in the honor room of the "Hard-Bones Six Company". The owner of the bayonet is called Liu Sihu. On February 28, 1948, the Sixth Company participated in the Battle of Wazi Street. Liu Sihu fought to kill 7 enemies with 11 knives in his body and woke up in a coma for more than 10 days.

  The flames of war and smoke of the past have dissipated, but the bloody nature of the bayonet and my invincibility has turned into the blood of the company, melting into the red genes of the officers and soldiers. Today, the "hard-boned six companies" of the new era are still filled with the indomitable stubbornness, hard work, and tenacity of the war years.

  "Sleep with the enemy and be ready to fight." The officers and soldiers of the "Sixth-Bone Company" kept the toes of the upper bunk facing inward and the toes of the lower bunk facing outward, ready to fight at any time.

  Strengthen discipline, revolution is invincible, and iron discipline is the fundamental guarantee for our army's victory. The "hard-boned six companies" insisted on holding two "regular meetings" in organizational life: cadres transferred in and out, held "receiving dust and dust meetings" for making suggestions and sending complaints; completing major tasks and achieving results, holding inspections for deficiencies and finding shortcomings" Celebrating a short meeting". Last year, the new company commander Zhao Song took office for more than 4 hours. The criticism and suggestions made by the comrades were so spicy that it made people blush and sweat.

  In peacetime, they are brothers and sisters, and they depend on life and death in wartime. The "hard-boned six company" insisted on treating soldiers as masters, capable people, and relatives. The company was built with officers and soldiers actively participating; when faced with problems, officers and soldiers made proposals for recruitment; officers and soldiers publicly reviewed sensitive matters. In the past years of selecting noncommissioned officers, recruiting party members, and awarding meritorious services, the company has achieved the toughness of the evaluation and the convincing of being unsuccessful, and everyone is in a good mood. Hangzhou Anti-snow, Jiangxi Baodian, Yuyao Anti-waterlogging... In recent years, the "hard-boned six companies" have played a bloody role in every major task, acting as sharp knives and leading the battle.