China Overseas Chinese Network, July 27. According to Malaysia Sin, a few days ago, the 125-year-old Anshun Hainan Club in Malaysia elected the first female president Yun Yueqin.

  On the evening of July 25th, local time, Yun Yueqin led the board of directors and supervisors, youth league, and women’s group executive committee members to take the oath of office.

  Wang Yunqi, the outgoing president, said that during his tenure as president, he worked with the board of directors, the youth league, and the women’s group to promote the reconstruction of the Yachang Street Clubhouse. The project was suspended for more than three months due to the government’s movement control order. The current project is about 20% completed, and the completion date is expected to be postponed to the end of next year.

  "The redevelopment of the clubhouse still needs more than 150,000 ringgits. In addition to accepting donations from enthusiasts and villagers, it is also recommended that the Perak Coffee and Tea Merchants Association ask for funds to help complete the redevelopment of the club. The next burden lies on Yunyueqin. On the shoulders of colleagues from the three institutions."

  In her speech, Yun Yueqin thanked all members for their support and made her the first female president. "I will work together with the directors and supervisors of the three clubs, the youth league, and the women's group. In addition to promoting conference affairs, I will also focus on completing the important task of rebuilding the club building." (Zhang Zaicheng)