Korean War Armistice 67 years Complaint seeking compensation from North Korean President Kim and others in Korea 21:33 July 27

Eight Koreans claiming that their families were taken away by the North during the war on the 27th, 67 years after the conclusion of the armistice agreement of the Korean War, and were separated by the North Korean government and Kim Jong Eun (Kim Jong Un) A lawsuit was filed in the Seoul court against the Labor Party chairman for damages of approximately JPY 18 million. In South Korea, the first decision was issued this month that demands compensation from Chairman Kim and other similar lawsuits are expected to continue.

Eight Koreans claiming that their fathers and siblings were taken away by North Korea during the Korean War, which lasted for three years since 1950, were separated from each other. Kim Jung-un, the chairman of the Korean Labor Party, filed a lawsuit in Seoul for damages of approximately 200 million won, which is about JPY 18 million in Japanese yen.

On the 25th of last month, another 13 Koreans filed a lawsuit seeking damages to Chairman Kim, and the lawyer on the plaintiff's side also said in a press conference on the 27th, " I was forced to work and suffered mentally."

In South Korea, two Koreans who were taken prisoners to the North during the Korean War, and then defected, sued the North Korean government and Chairman Kim in a trial on July 7 this month for a total of 370 yen. The first judgment has just been issued ordering compensation for 10,000 yen.

It is said that more than 80,000 Koreans were forcibly taken to the North Korean side in the Korean War, and it is expected that similar lawsuits will continue in the future.